Argumentative Essay: Conclusion

I would like to conclude that same-sex marriages are without doubt one of the burning and most disputable issues in the modern society.  Although “over the last three years, dozens of politicians have, to use the phrase du jour, “evolved” on marriage equality” (Murphy, Liebelson, 2013), the opinion concerning legalization of gay marriages is not unanimous.  Like any vexed problem, it naturally has its own supporters and opponents.

As far as the criticism is concerned, it usually focuses on immorality of the issue.  This point of view is supported by the Bible, which considers same-sex marriage to be a sin.  Apart from this, people who enter into gay marriage neglect centuries-long traditions. Another point to make is that according to the same-sex marriage opponents, it can negatively influence adopted children causing certain psychological problems. Same-sex marriages are stated to endanger continuation of the human race and increase the number of divorces.

Advocates of same-sex marriages, first and foremost, point out the necessity to be tolerant of everything that is regarded to be “different”. Modern society which boasts of equality and is against any kind of discrimination evidently must accept gay marriages. It is obvious that no one has the right to interfere with other people’s lives and impose their own will and ideals on them. The Holy Writ which states that all the people on Earth are equal supports this idea.  Moreover, not all religions prohibit same-sex marriages (Buddhism does not consider it wrong, as long as nobody’s rights are abused).

The last point I would like to make concerns America’s main concept and value – freedom. First of all, it presupposes the freedom of choice and the right to decide the course of one’s own life. The USA being so progressive in all spheres of life should undoubtedly be an example to follow concerning legalizing same-sex marriages.


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