Classification and Division Sample

Students in schools have different characters. We have those who are serious with their educational life while others are not. The few take the academics seriously and follow the school rules and regulations to the latter. Students who are lazy are use shortcuts to achieve their academic ambitions. These shortcuts include copying both from books, friends and the internet.
Students normally have fake reasons to give as to why they copy. All the students caught copying put their lame on teachers. They argued that the teachers never attended class but were used to sending reading materials over the internet just days to the examinations. It was confirmed that a few teachers who came to class were sluggish in that they were always unable to finish the syllabus on time.
However, a chart with some of the students gave a different point of view. It came out that some of the students who were complaining loudly were lazy. They were undependable and could not do research work and assignments given by the teachers. They would always submit their work late after they had copied from their friends.
The teachers said that these students were the leading noise makers and they frequent on the list of indiscipline culprits. Therefore it goes without saying that, good results in academics come hand in hand with discipline and hard work. This is because the statistics taken showed that disciplined students were the best performers and they were always focused in their class work. To stop many cases of examination copying, students need to be taught manners at a tender age because the earlier the better. Teachers and parents need to work together to this end to make it a success.

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