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A “Homemade Education”, by Malcolm X and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by King have delved rhetorical technique based on logic, emotion and credibility. According to the two books, they were both in jail and pointed out many atrocities and hatred that were being practiced by the white men against non-white ones through writing. Malcolm X was deeply concerned about many injustices against blacks, Indians, Asians and the Chinese just as M. L. King who was very much concerned about the well-being of the Negro community in the United States of America.

Both texts bring out the struggle of the oppressed community against the unfair rule and control by the Britons and the Americans, like the brutal and inhumane police dealings with the unarmed and honest Negro demonstrators in the United States of America. Malcolm X throughout his vast knowledge that he acquired having read Mr. Mahammad’s books in the jail, brings out clearly the struggle and opposition of the Indians’ to the whites’ brutality and enslavement. He also brings out the reason why the Chinese hate the whites. He elaborates as this is due to the whites being mastermind of the opium war, disintegrating China into various states like Hong Kong. He seems interested in the rise against this oppression just as M. L King who justifies his support by replying to the complaints by the clergy in the United States of America, he openly criticizes them for their insensitiveness in the interpretation of violent demonstrations. The failure to see the police act of brutality against unarmed Negroes instead of criticizing them for untimely demonstrations

Malcolm X points out the unfairness that is practiced by the United Nations (UN) which is supposed to protect and enforce equality across all races. He alleges that the UN try to bring world order along color lines. Similarly, M. L. King criticizes the Christian community in the US for supporting the unjust laws by condemning the Negroes pushing for their rights. People are also not allowed to demand their rights. Like in the case of Malcolm X, the anti-slave trade campaigner was murdered. Similarly in the case of M. L. King, the unarmed Negroes who were demonstrating were bitten by police dogs.

In contrast, the two speakers differed in the following context. Malcolm X expresses his dissatisfaction in words only while M. L. King expresses his dissatisfaction through letters to the clergy condemning them for criticizing the Negroes who were demonstrating for their rights. M. L. King led a Christian movement in opposing the degradation of the blacks by responding to their criticism, but Malcolm X was just a sympathizer prisoner who took a passive approach in documenting the whites’ brutality against other races. Malcolm X got informed of the atrocities in the world during his quest for education when he was in prison, while M. L. King observed the happenings in the United States of America.

Comparing the works of the two authors on the basis of the audience, their target is the larger community aimed to be informed of the inhumane acts of the white men towards blacks, Asians, Indians and the Chinese. They also inform the audience of the consequences that oppressors face when they stand up for their rights. They however, encouraged them to do so and not to fear as that is the only way to soften people in power.

The two authors still differ in terms of audience target. Malcolm X’s message for instance will capture audience from China, India and Africa as he collectively brings out their sufferings in the hands of the whites, while M. L. King’s message and activities will be best suited and appealing to the black community.

Looking at the two documents, M. L. King “Letters from Birmingham jail” and King ”I have a dream”, they can be compared in terms of logic as addressing the Negroes quest for justice in the society dominated by white men. They point out the oppression and suffering that the black people undergo daily in the hands of the white men. They are denied access to justice in courts, their promises are not honored and their children are segregated in schools. They, however, express optimism that one day Negroes will stand up for their rights and the community will see the lights.

In contrast, M. L. Kin’s ” Letter from Birmingham jail” was actually written when he was in jail responding to the criticism of the clergy towards black people. On the other hand, ”I have a dream” speech was delivered during the great march on Washington, addressing the multitude on the happening in the US and how the black people had suffered and continue to suffer in hands of the brutal white men.

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