Relationship between Humanity and Science

There has been a contentious issue on whether science and humanity are actually related or depend on each other. One of the recent concerns has been the drying up of the funds being channeled to the areas of humanity. Moreover, even individual universities are not concentrating on the humanities as they do to science. Authorities have raised concern that scientists have learnt little or nothing on humanities; something that they think is not just for future prosperity and continuity. However, it is necessary for the two areas to be considered with equal measure to ensure that any benefit that one can derive from both of them is actually exploited. In general, the study of science should be integrated with the necessary knowledge from humanity and vice-versa.


First, the scientific knowledge and techniques that are based on the state-of-the-art approach are in most cases very helpful during in research. This means that science provides the analytical skills which are required in research for the body of knowledge to experience constant growth. On the other hand, humanity helps in the communication of these facts researched on in a way that could be understood by all the users of such information. This way, it impacts on people the skills which may be needed for self-evaluation and adaptability as well. This way, research can be looked at in both science and humanity as it has implications in these areas and is utilized to take people to other levels of growth and development within a country.

Secondly, communication process is strengthened by humanities and hence ones ability to work and deliver. On the other hand, the facts which are to be communicated and understood must be scientific for them to have implications. This means that both humanity and science value communication as important since it cannot be left by either of the two. It is in this regards that humanity has been treated to be important as it helps to enhance better communication skills thus better coexistence within an environment with others. Science on the other hand emphasizes on what is being communicated, that is the real information being given out to the users. This is with an implication that communication is both a science and humanity thus should be given either treatment.

Thirdly, humanity with the knowledge that it impacts on people helps to boost the understanding while science on the other hand brings forth the kind of information that is being understood, whether it is proper or not proper. In this way, science helps scientists to gain a proper understanding of the scientific needs that may arise in the society. For instance, history and philosophical study sheds more light on the impact that science has on the life quality of the individuals. This also shapes the society either positively or negatively and; thus, may inform us of the societal needs and the necessary considerations. It is thus important to note that understanding can both be implied to be in humanity and science as well as it plays a role in either as illustrated above.

Fourthly, both science and humanity adds value to the process of learning. In fact, the certifications that one may get can only be dictated by his/her knowledge, that is, science. This means that a well vast and broad knowledge may include both humanity essentials which are very important to our scientific training. This brings to the lamp light the fact that the two areas of study, science and humanity, must be looked at as related and one should not ignore either humanity or science.

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Additionally, the study of humanity teaches one on the dichotomies, a situation that might separate humanity from science or vice-versa. It has been believed that facts are only found in science and not humanity that presents values. This argument has over time been disapproved since some areas of science like medicine and technology experiences what is believed to be strictly in humanity, coupled with theories that may not be facts. In fact, science has been part of culture which is truly humanity or an art and this makes science and humanity to be dependent on each other hence none of them should be ignored.

Taking an issue like scenery and environmental conservation, it can be argued that this can be found both in science and humanity as well. On humanity, it can be argued that environmental conservation protects the health of the people. This seems to be one of the most important reason why people will always support initiatives which are geared towards conservation of their environments at their local levels. In fact, both at the moment and even traditionally, close to 90% of the medicines originates from plants and animals. This means that this basic and original form of medication is one that cannot be replaced by any synthetic alternatives of the present times.

At the same time, a healthy environment offers important buffers between disease and humans. It has been linked that a decrease in biodiversity increases the transmission rate of diseases which are animal-born to human beings. This implies that environmental conservation as an issue is very important to the humanity as it adds value to the living standards of the people.

Moreover, assurance of food security can be offered by both science and humanity as well. Humanity, on one hand, helps to conserve the environment and hence the habitat of living organisms which are responsible for agricultural productivity through the maintenance of patterns of rainfall within an areas thus constant food supply. To this extent, it is clear that the destruction of habitat has led to the alteration of the patterns of rainfall that is experienced in various parts of the world. A well conserved environment provides food that is enough to support the lives of people and humanity as a whole. Production process could either be a science or humanity and thus are all important.

On the other hand, as a science, environmental conservation presents diverse issues as challenges of creation of effective, safe and healthy environment. This would include the recognition and controlling of an environment against the pollution effects on an ecosystem. The practical solution to problems which are sought for by the scientists and students only belongs to science, having a greater impacts on the environment in which it is being applied. At the same time, the basic knowledge that is derived from science can be important in ensuring that ecosystems problems are solved scientifically while reducing both environmental degradation and alteration as well. This means that science knowledge is required in the process of maintaining a safe environment that would be required by all for well-being.

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Summarily, there are more compelling reasons why one should value the knowledge which are gained in either humanity or sciences as both of them are greatly important. It can thus be argued that both humanity and science are equally important as each needs the other. This further means that both humanity and science are all important and hence should not be ignored at all costs as they depend on each other for perfection. Both science and humanity have thus influence on the environment, an implication that the process of conserving the environment must be looked at both as a science and humanity as well. There is thus the need for a curriculum or training manual that integrate both the knowledge from science and humanities.

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