Coca Cola faces competition just like any other industry. The largest competitor is Pepsi. One of the reasons why Coca Cola stands out in the competitive industry is the strategic advertising that the company adapts.  The impacts of these advertisements are so enormous that it has even affected the American culture. This is in reference to Santa Claus.

One of the recent advertisements is the Coca-Cola Summer Commercial 2011, Open Happiness.  It caught my attention because I could relate with the people in the advert. They are young people have fun on the beach. In addition to this, the background music is entertaining. I also liked the choice of location. The advertisement shooting was on a beach. This creates a formidable summer mood.

The advert interested me because it presented a situation whereby one enjoys the drink while having a marvelous time with friends. It was an illustration of an exceptional way to unwind, and have fun while sipping a quality soft drink. The warm colors made the advert remain outstanding.

The advertisement created a desire to buy the product and enjoy it as much as the young people in the advertisement. This was because it was evident the young people were enjoying the drink. It created the desire to purchase it and experience the same feeling of happiness.

As such, the advertisement made me feel the need and the urge to continue drinking Coca-Cola. The advertisement increased the chances of buying the soft drink. It made me continue buying the drink more often than I did before the advertisement.

I feel that the Coca-Cola advertisement lures customers into buying the drink. This is because it was not only entertaining, but also fulfilled the purpose of make the customers choose Coca-Cola soft drink over other substitutes. This is purely on the basis on my personal experience.

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