American Board of Forensic Toxicology

Located in Columbia, the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT) is recognized as a proficient body by an array of forensic toxicologists across America. It is composed of officers sourced from a large pool of professionals selected by a Nominating Committee. ABFT deals only with laboratory located within the US and Canada thereby are able to maintain high standards of operation due to the geographical proximity of the laboratories (

Mission statement

As postulated on, as a body comprising of professionals, ABFT aims at enhancing the standards established for the practice of forensics. Similarly, it aims at promoting the assessment and accreditation of scientists and the laboratories offering forensic toxicology services. As a result, ABFT maintains strict set of guidelines to its accredited members in addition to providing any requires assistance to attain exemplary performance.

ABFT as an alternative to ASCLD

The ASCLD is the umbrella body dealing with accreditation of forensic toxicologists. However, due to the huge volume of individuals and institutions wishing to gain their accreditation, the availability of chances is restricted to the annual symposiums. Thus, by seeking alternative accreditation, a director is able to achieve their goals and become proficient through a more customized program with the ABFT.By working with the ABFT, a director will be able to receive more attention during the accreditation period. The fact that they have fewer applications means that each individual application receives adequate review. This increases the proficiency of the laboratory in forensics.

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