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The small business that I deal with is a wholesale outlet that supplies the local shops with different goods that they need for their trade. The wholesale outlet also retails to customers who buy goods in small quantities. Thus, the business requires marketing professionals who work in the shop as well as from the field in order to come up with clients who need supplies from the shop. A number of factors determine when to create a new job position in the business and they include the season, profit margin, and the launch of a new product in the market. A strategy that can be employed to introduce the new job position entails advertising through the internet or by word of mouth.

This paper explicates factors that determine the introduction of a new job position, strategies for outlining the new job position, duties inherent, and the performance requirements of the new position.

Several factors determine how and when a new job position is created within my small business. Firstly, the season plays a crucial factor, when determining whether to create a new job position. Graves (1985) indicates that this is because the business receives more customers during holidays, which means that there is a need for creating a new job position in order to serve more customers who stream into the business. Secondly, launching of a new product in the market also forces to create a new job position. This is because most customers tend to be excited about the new product in the market and since all of them want to get an experience how the new product works, necessitates the need to create a new job position in order to serve the many clients. Another factor that influences the formation of a new job position is the increase in sells and services (Biafore, 2011). It is essential that a businessperson stays posted about how his business is fairing on; thus, this will inform businessperson, regarding when it is necessary to expand a business in relation to the profits received.

Two significant strategies will be utilized for outlining the job position. Firstly, I will  employ networking, which involves passing a word of mouth to all my business partners for information to be spread, regarding a person with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has experience in the aforementioned field to come for interviews. According to Kitson & Calandra (2009), business partners are helpful in this context as they can be having a person whom they might want to recommend for the new job position. Secondly, I would advertise in the internet for the new job position (Biafore, 2011). Most people search the internet for a new job position, and that would form a good strategy for outlining the new job position because it reaches several people; thus, it increases the chances of the right person for the job to be found.

The successful person will be charged with myriad functions such as researching of new markets, supporting staff in the assigned projects, creating of SWOTS for the business, making follow-ups on sales prospects, providing reports that indicate the status of the business to the management, and determining new market channels. All these duties will be done interchangeably upon request in order to ensure a smooth running of the business.

The performance based requirements for the position include the capability to meet stipulated deadlines, which is essential for the smooth running of the business, capable of working for long hours and on demand without complaining, and potential to project future market trends. In addition, Biafore (2011) points out that a person to be employed in such a position should have proven interpersonal skills and must have created a SWOT that improved the financial standing of the organization that one worked with before. A person who is keen and fast driver is also needed for the job because this will save on the time the marketer uses on the field. Besides, it will ensure faster delivery of goods to clients.

However, it should be noted that pre-existing knowledge about the new job position is a requirement that has to be met. Firstly, a person should have worked in the same position in an organization for not less than a year, as this will have instilled the person with the technical expertise regarding the job opening. This will save on the time, required for training a new entrant in the field with no expertise. Another essential requirement is a driving license as the new employee will be required to travel often and with a driving license it makes it easier for the person and the organization as it cuts on the costs of employing a driver. Book keeping skills is also a requirement, as the person will be required to forecast the business operations and provide information, regarding new markets and those that are not productive (London, 2001).       

In conclusion, creation of a job description is essential prior to posting a job opening as this stipulates an employee’s roles. Some of the factors that determine the creation of a job include the profit margin, season, and launching of a new product in the market. Networking forms the best strategy to be employed for outlining a job opening as fellow businesspersons can be having a person that they would wish to recommend for the position. Performance requirements and prior job requirements are also essential in determining the person to be employed in a marketing position.

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