Apple is a Multinational Corporation


Based in America, Apple is a multinational corporation that designs and markets electronic goods and computer software. Some of the well known electronics are the iPod, iPad and the iPhone. Apple Corporation came into existence in the year 1976. It was started by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The company has been into service to its large number of customers for decades where it has faced ups and downs in its daily operations.  Apple is one of the leading electronic companies in the globe where it engages in the production of electronics ranging from the desktop and laptop computers. The company has made advancements in response to the rising needs of customers by diversifying in its production. This has been through production of portable devices like the iPod. The company has invested huge funds in the innovation, marketing methods together with product engineering.


Apple Marketing

One of the ways by which a company makes its products known to customers is through advertisement. Apple Company has invested a lot of funds in the advertisement of its products. One of the considerations made in the advertisements of the iPod by Apple Company is the age of the target group. In most cases, the young generations offer the largest market for the iPod together with other electrical from the Apple Company (Noe, 2012). This is because they are mostly meant for entertainment. In order to reach the target group successfully, the advertisements are therefore, aimed at the young generations who offer the largest market for the iPods.  The other factor considered by Apple Company in its advertisements is the changing needs by the customers. The company is coming up with new innovations in order to reach the target group. Apple has carried out some research from the potential customers about its products. The company has therefore, been able to identify the customers likes in the growing technological period. Huge funds have been invested in the advertisement of the Apple products in areas with potential markets (Wozniak, 2006).

 Competitive Advantage

Apple Company has made huge revenues from its operations and large sale of its products. According to Michael Porter competitive advantage can only be created through investing in the localized processes of production.  In this regard the professor was referring to the four main parts of the diamond; the first being the nature of demand in the market. The company has been able to establish permanent markets for its electronics worldwide.  In order to remain competitive, Apple has diverse ways in the marketing strategies by offering customer services like transportation of the ordered goods to the customers. The competition posed by other electronic firms forces the Apple to invest more in the innovation. Through this challenge from its rival companies the company has focused in the production of quality goods to remain competitive. The Apple Company has been able to expand internationally where it has retail stores in more than ten countries. The wide market has enabled the company to remain competitive.

Factor Conditions

In order to increase the growth of a company, more innovative ideas are required in the manufacturing process. Apple has been able to design unique shapes for its products together with extra features that attract a large number of customers. The company has been able to employ qualified technicians who offer skilled labor to the company. Through this, Apple has been able to produce quality products thereby ruling the electronic market (Manes, 1993). Through the employment of highly educated staff and technicians the company enjoys the managerial advantage over other electronic companies. This has been through the production of quality products that fetch good revenues in the market.  Apple is also investing more in training its own technicians together with other staffs.

Apple has plenty of skilled laborers who are permanently employed in the company. This guarantees the production of quality products which will fetch high prices in the market. The self training of technicians has also been an added advantage in the company. According to Porter, skilled labor is vital for production of quality goods and services. This has been practically done in the Apple Company by hiring of qualified technicians and managerial staffs. The company is also investing more funds in training its own technicians. Apple also takes the advantage of the learned youths in the home country by hiring of the university graduates who offer quality labor to the company (Noe, 2012).

Influential design

The unique design of the iPod makes its attractive to the customers. Besides the attractive nature of the design, the iPod is also easily portable because of its small size. Its design also makes it easy to carry the device from one location to another (Linzmayer, 2004). Apple has won several awards in the design industry and has been ranked top in innovating new designs for electronic goods. The high quality materials used in the manufacture of the Apple’s products has also been a reason for the sucsses. The iPod is also simple to use because the unnecessary buttons have been avoided.   According to Joshua Porter, Apple Company has been able to meet the customers’ needs responding to the needs of the customers. The experience and user interface of the Apple products have also an impact on the market for the electronic goods. Pocket-size devices are increasingly being produced in response to the rising needs from the customers. Apple has taken the advantage of this demand for the pocket-sized device by designing such products. An example is the iPod which has dominated the market due to its small size and its unique design. The design and its simplicity make the iPods comfortable to use thereby increasing the demand for the product (Manes, 1993).


In order to remain competitive, a firm has to ensure it fetches the widest market for the goods it produces. According to Tithy (2003), the demand of a product can only be enhanced by improving its quality. The demand for goods produced can be enhanced by ensuring that the goods are of high quality (Noe, 2012). Apple enjoys high demand for its goods thereby fetching the widest market in the sale of electronics.  The demand for electronic goods is on the rise due to the technological advancements in many sectors of production. Most companies have adopted the computerized production and storage of data. Apple Company has taken advantage of the rising need for the electronic goods by establishing markets worldwide. From the competition posed by other existing firms like Microsoft and Dell, Apple is challenged to improve its production techniques and improve its products in order to remain competitive. This challenge from other electronic companies enhanced the production of quality products by Apple.  The high competition has been a strong point to the company.

The quality goods produced in the company have been an attraction to the customers. This has created demand for the electronics produced by Apple fetching huge revenues for the company. Apple maintains its competitiveness through their unique marketing technique together with the brand image. The company has engaged in deep research for the target market for its products. Through its qualified staff and technicians, proper and wide markets have been established in foreign countries (Manes, 1993). The large market share has been the ultimate reason for the large sales made by Apple.

Firm Strategy

The Apple Company has taken pride in its ability to produce diversified products that meet the customers’ needs.  This has been an attraction to the workers who also take pride in the production of quality goods. The managerial structure of Apple has been ranked top because of hiring of qualified staff. Apple has been strategically placed in terms of labor and market reach. In terms of labor, Apple takes the advantage of the learned employees in the region (Linzmayer, 2004). The company is able to employ the qualified technicians most of whom are the university graduates. The qualified staff has been a boost to the company by ensuring production and management of funds in the company.

Apple also enjoys the wide market for its goods. The large population in the home country has been a strong point because this interpolates to a high demand for the electronic goods being produced by the company.  The large sales made by the company resulted to increased revenues enabling the company to expand internationally. The high quality products produced by Apple have been the reason for its broad market for the iPods. The company focuses on the product development by ensuring the production of unique products like the iPods that meet the customers’ needs.

The wide international market enjoyed by the Apple Company has been a major boost to its operations. The huge revenues got from the sale of its products have boosted the operations in the company. Through this the company has been able to hire highly qualified staff and electrical technicians. The revenues got from the sale of the products have been used in the expansion of operations by the company (Manes, 1993).

Apple has been able to reach its target customers by observing and listening to the changing customer needs. One of the ways the Apple Company reaches and maintains the attraction of its customers is by creating the unique designs for the iPod.  The pocket-sized device has been an attraction to the customers due to its portability. The material making the iPods is also durable and attractive creating a high demand for the product. Together with the external attractive nature of the iPod, the device is also simple and comfortable to use. The company has already established permanent markets for its products in foreign countries making it competitive among other related companies. The electronic products from Apple are technically superior thus making the company remain competitive in the market. Compared to other electronic companies, Apple has been able to capture wide markets internationally increasing its sales volume (Wozniak, 2006).


Apple Company has made brought major advancements in the technological field. The use of computers in on the increase as many firms and companies adopt the new technology in order to increase the efficiency in production. In order to meet the high demand for electronic products Apple together with other companies are engaging in deep research and innovations to come up with more efficient electrical devices. The use of technology in production has increased efficiency in the daily operations.

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