Application for a Part-Time Sales Position

I kindly present this application as a part-time Sales personnel in your Company, the below contains my Resume and personal information.

Personal information

My name is Robertson Kings and I am a dedicated, self motivated, honest, respectful person who upholds professionalism, integrity and loyalty in everything that I do. Some fundamental principles that I endeavor to esteem not only in my personal life but also while dealing with the outside environment are self drive, honesty and respect.

Job objective

My objective is to obtain a position with an institution that can stretch me and give me the opportunity to realize my maximum potential, train and provide the opportunity to realize my career ambitions, while rendering the organization the best services possible.


I have a 4-year degree in sales and management from the University of California.

Work experience

I have five years’ working experience in different companies, institutions and organizations in my entire career life. From the year 2008 till now, I am working as an insurance sales agent at Ionospheres Company in the department of sales and sales management responsible for all sales proceedings regarding insurance where excellent phone and time-management skills, competitive and coachable spirit is needed. It has helped me to develop a great passion for making a positive difference in the entire community and also have the dedication to national strength and also the local focus. From the year 2005 to the end of 2007, I was working as a sales executive in an international company. My work has always been result-oriented and therefore hard work, professionalism, discipline have become a part of me in order to achieve the goals and objectives. Through this, I have developed extensive experience of maintaining, developing and also delivering on the marketing strategies in pursuit of meeting the objectives of the companies. I am also able to understand the market and customer requirements and dynamics.

Hobbies, special interests and extra-curricular activities

These include travelling, meeting and interacting with other individuals, analyzing economic processes and events, learning more through reading inspirational books and other useful materials, following the day to day activities of my environment.

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