Auto Industry

“E-commerce is one of the most important aspects for businesses facing the future” (Ah-Wong, Gandi, Patel, Shah, Tran, Targett, 2001). With the help of the Internet, sales grow every year and develop into an independent e-business. Such technologies as computer systems, the Internet, e-mail and diverse sites make commerce more sufficient and productive niche on the market. In the auto industry that spreads every year, e-business is an innovation that can make it develop much further. The given paper describes and evaluates appropriate technologies that meet e-business needs in the auto industry.

In the auto industry, e-commerce is not seriously developed, but it should not be ignored by business. “Even though manufacturing sector products such as the automobile industry possesses well-established distribution channels whose interests will be threatened, many automobile manufacturers are developing their E-business websites” (Elingsbo & Thorell, 2002). With the help of the Internet, many manufacturers create their online stores. Many online auto shops have a feature that allows their visitors to configure their own car on the basis of changing its characteristics. Moreover, the potential buyer can check all the details through the site or e-mail and order a car or other auto details via the Internet or telephone. If the car is available in the shop, it can be tested and purchased. The process of car purchasing is mostly virtual until the final stage. Nevertheless, not every store finds it possible to conduct the car purchase online. On the other hand, the customers need to test the car before buying it. Nowadays, most of the potential buyers read the auto characteristics in the Internet before buying and seeing the real car. Such way of purchasing is quite comfortable, but it needs improvement as the actual purchase is made in reality and not in the virtual world.

To sum up, it should be mentioned that such technologies as the Internet, e-mail and mobile communication are very useful and essential in the modern world. E-business in the auto industry is a small niche that develops together with the growth of the car sales.

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