Boot Division Returns and Complaints

The primary goal for any business is to make the maximum possible amount of profit. The surest way to achieve this is through the carrying out of the necessary market research to evaluate, analyze and understand the needs of the clients and satisfy them promptly. However, the Shoe Manufacturing Company has failed to realize this because of the inefficiencies experienced in the Boots Department.

In the first place, there has been a persistent uncontrolled increase in the costs of production. This has been blamed on both the internal and external forces. A lot of funds have been channeled to the sales and marketing department to carry out the print and broadcast media advertisements. Besides, the department has experienced losses resulting from the unwarranted employee conducts (Hall, R.L. & Hitch, C. J. Hitch, 2007). It has been discovered that some of them engage in petty thefts and deliberate damages to the company’s property. Meanwhile, an increased cost of production has been attributed to the hiked workers’ salaries, transportation, and purchasing and maintenance expenses.

On the company has failed to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers. Many of them have lodged complains about the poor quality of services from the customer care department. Many of them have also complained about the poor quality products from this department. Hence, it has emerged that these officers are not well conversant with the modern trends in public relations (Berry, L. & Parasuraman, K., 2001).

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