Brand building is one of the key elements of the effective business management and it performance. Brand is what makes company not worry about sales approaches, because brand image and its power make the entire job for the sales managers. However, it is important to raise the question what is the most effective brand strategy for the company? There are lots of them, however some celebrity CEOs are talking about the employees. They are grounding on the fact that employees are the people who influence company’s performance, its profits and success. Most of them even stress on the fact that employees are more important asset of the company than even its directors, or chief managers.

The article from Forbs “Make Your Company Top-of-Mind and Your Employees Proud” discusses the key components of the effective branding through the employees emphasis. It researches and analysis the reasons why employees are the key to reputation and sales of the company. The author of the article proves her findings through the date that makes these reasons sound significantly. Some business people are stressing on the fact that employees are the only intermediaries between company and customers. Most of the employees are not only working for the current company, however also its clients. And points of view of such “in-customers” sound more important and significant than any of the company’s PR departments do. Even this one reason gives us enough information to thinks about the company’s relations with its employees.

Company “Virgin” is one of the brightest examples of the effective branding through the employees encouragement. During all its history, this company has faced lots of problems and barriers, it faced great losses and profit decreases, however the employees of the company were always on the side of the CEO and company. Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin, from the raise of his business career has a rule, that no matter what difficulties company is facing, it is better for me and shareholders to be famished, than to leave employees without their salary. It is also significant to note the fact, that has happened during one of the biggest crises in Virgin that caused huge lay offs. To say people that they have to go, Mr. Branson decided to make by his one. He thanked all people for the great work they have done, for their contribution into the company’s development, he was crying telling people about lay offs and employees understood him and they felt rather disappointed about their leaving. After this example, it is necessary to ask the question, if the relations among employees and the CEO are so strong and saturated by mutual understanding, will it make employees to talk badly about the company? Of course, no. This is the best example of branding that the article discusses.

Such branding and leadership style development and usage in any company will bring great results and build strong image and reputation not only among employees and customers, but also among competitors, partners and market. Such strategy implementation is rather effective and it is long lasting, it does not need lots of money and strong control. It helps to build such company that everyone will enjoy working for it. Statistic sounds, that one happy employee can bring minimum eight customers; however the angry one will take more than fifteen and will build strong negative reputation of the company among friends.

Personnel, I like this concept and i think it is rather strong in business development, it also does not interfere any other strategies implementation. I think that employees is the biggest resource company has, however this resource can gain lots of positive and at the same time can destroy the company. That is why, employees should be lead carefully and company have always to worry about its main asset.

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