Business And Sustainability: Lush Company


This paper describes in a short way how modern businesses contribute to the suffering of planet earth. It majors its research on Lush company giving a brief introduction of the company; when it was founded, where it is located, and products the company manufactures. The paper further elaborates various measures that the company takes to protect the planet which includes: using natural products as raw materials, producing in small quantities, advocating for animal protection, supporting campaign groups that advocate for environmental protection, and promotion of safe disposal and recycling of its containers.  There are a few feasible solutions that the company can take in order to promote environmental sustainability: Lush Company could seek ways of increasing plants for its natural raw materials, use natural sources of power in its industries, and promote usage of natural plant products rather than organic foods. A survey carried out on Lush Company shows that the company has an outstanding reputation for protecting the planet earth.


The planet earth has suffered environmental pollution and continues to be threatened by the challenge of diminishing natural resources as a result of unfriendly business practices. Environmental sustainability in business requires fruitful collaborations between businesses and the environment in order to protect the environment from pollution, depletion of the ozone layer and global warming while at the sane time safeguarding the ecosystem.  In modern days, consumers are not only concerned about the prices of commodities, but they also care about the environmental friendliness of the raw materials used to manufacture their commodities, protection of their health and the integration of the materials used to package the product packaging into the environment. Lush company is one of the companies the makes significant efforts to sustain the planet and the company has earned a reputation for protecting the planet earth through its safe production practices; though there is room for improvement.

Lush company was established in 1970 by Mark and his wife Mo Constantine under the name Cosmetic House Limited; which was later changed to Lush in 1995 (Lush, 2012). The company has over six hundred stores in 43 countries worldwide with its headquarters located in Poole, Dorset in the United Kingdom. Lush company produces and sells bath and cosmetic products such as fresh made soaps, shampoos, shower gels, toothy tabs, solid tooth paste tablets, bath bombs, hair conditioners, bubble bars, face masks and hand and body lotions using vegetarian recipes (Lush, 2012).

Significant efforts by Lush Company to sustain the planet

Lush company has factories all over the world including Canada, Vancouver and Poole, Dorset where its products are manufactured in small quantities depending on the number of products ordered by individual stores (Lush, 2012). This guarantees the freshness and viability of the products and protects consumers from using expired products that are harmful to them and the environment. Furthermore, the company’s policy does not allow it to sell products that are older than fourteen months.

In order to protect the health and safety of its consumers, the company uses raw materials that are environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable. These are materials obtained from plants such as fruits and vegetables as well as natural products like honey and beeswax (Lush, 2012).   By using these natural resources, Lush Company meets the needs of its consumers and protects the animals on planet earth from extinction. Lush Company’s products are 100 percent vegetarian, 70 percent preservative-free and 81 percent vegan. Use of natural products as raw materials guarantees the protection of animals since the company does not use animal fats to manufacture any of its products. Furthermore, the company advocates for animal protection and does not use animals to test for suitability of any of its products. Instead, the company relies on human volunteers.

The company further prohibits buying of anything from organizations that fund, carry out or commission any form of animal testing (Lush, 2012). Moreover, Lush supports direct action and animal rights operations including protection of aquatic animals such as seals and wheals among others (Lush, 2012). This way, the Company protects animals and embraces peaceful coexistence between animals and mankind. Lush Company encourages its consumers to maintain environmental protection and cleanliness by rewarding a free face mask to consumers who return used Lush containers to its stores. This practice promotes recycling, and safe disposal of used containers to prevent environmental contamination.

Additionally, Lush advocates for protection of the planet by openly supporting campaign groups that encourage environmental protection such as Hacan Clear Skies which is an anti-aviation group, Dump Dump, which campaigns against, the use of incinerator (Lush, 2012).

Feasible solution(s) that Lush Company should undertake to promote sustainability

However, Lush Company should also ensure that existing resources such as plants are protected for the purpose of sustainable development; hence the need for the company to seek ways of increasing plants for its natural raw materials and sustaining them. Given the fact that Lush Company advocates for environmental protection through the use of natural raw materials, the company should use natural sources of power in its industries for production. Usage of cleaner fuels, for example, renewable sources energy such as hydrogen, wind and solar, would reduce industrial emission of poisonous gases (Frey, 2002). This goes a long way in preventing depletion of the ozone layer and protecting mankind from dangerous greenhouse gases.

The company should also advocate for use of natural plant products rather than organic foods as a means of sensitizing its consumers on dangers of using organic foods. Pollan (2001) blames the organic food production for degradation of the environment and the dangers that such foods pose to consumers, including innocent children whose narrow diets make them more susceptible to complex mixtures of chemicals used in organic foods. Lastly, the move taken by Lush Company to recover used containers should be improved to ensure 100% recovery of the containers to maximize their recycling.

According to Hawkin (2008), natural capitalism is the only solution to diminishing natural resources. Through natural capitalism, both the environment and the business interests can overlap where businesses can fulfill the demands of their customers, increase profits and bring meaningful solutions rather than strains to environmental problems. Natural capitalism advocates for the services of natural resources and the ecosystem that make economic activities and all activities of life possible (Hawkin, 2008). According to natural capitalism, it is vital for businesses to avoid degradation of natural capital through unsafe practices that pollute the environment. This is because elements of natural capital such as energy, water, fiber, materials and topsoil have no substitute and are literally priceless.

Survey on Lush Company

A survey carried out on Lush Company showed that, the company is well known since 92.6% percent of those interviewed know the company. 30.8% of the interviewee purchased the company’s product extremely often while 23.1% had never made any purchases; the remaining 46% purchase the products once in a while. Majority of the interviewees seemed to know that Lush products are fresh handmade and that their package was eco-friendly who comprised of 88.9%. 96.3% of them thought that the company was making a significant effort in sustaining the planet, and 92.6% said that the eco friendly package was considered into purchasing the products. 70.4% would pay more for eco friendly packaging while 33.3% would not. 18.5% considered Lush products to be expensive while 85.2% considered them cheap, and about 50% of the interviewees were exceptionally satisfied with Lush company’s products. These results portray a remarkable reputation of the company, in environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, companies that rely on natural resources for production like the Lush Company should not only put a strain on the existing natural resources, but they should also seek ways to improve and increase them. The planet earth can be saved from pollution and environmental degradation through natural capitalism, which advocates for safe, environmental, business practices that are beneficial to mankind and the environment. It is clear that Lush Company does a lot to protect planet earth from pollution and degradation.

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