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Business instructors and professionals value and require workers to have quality writing skills. Unfortunately, many workers experience high writing deficiencies, thus not able to use Standard English. This creates inconveniences resulting to losses in businesses as they remediate the writing deficiencies. The deficiencies result to image degradation, reduced productivity and difficulties in decision making when the reports are improperly written. Questions are being raised on the quality of education that new college graduates are acquiring. As noted by Hillocks, traditional rule based approach is to blame for the deteriorating grammar in school. It is crucial to adopt the content-based approach advocated by weaver. This approach is better since it focuses on formal grammar instructions.

Recent research has confirmed that language convention through context writing enables students to acquire more knowledge on grammar, sentence construction and use of vocabularies. Through this, students make fewer or no errors at all. Although context method has many benefits, it has been criticized for having an inherent flaw. It is argued that the method treats grammar using distinct set of rules and ignores the language system. Students only acquire little background knowledge on vocabulary, grammar, context and content. As an alternative to the context approach, Hillocks and Smith suggested sentence-combining technique. Requiring the students to correct errors marked by the instructor can help them understand and avoid repeating a similar mistakes in future. The glossing approach suggests that the student should write the grammar rules regarding the marked errors.

Error-based grammar instruction as recommended by Feng and Powers, states that mini-lessons should be created to help students understand the concept. Sentence diagramming can be helpful to students in learning grammar fundamentals. To improve the writing skills of graduates, instructions on punctuation and grammar should form a crucial part of teaching written skills. Conducted research indicates that writing skills can be improved through combining instruction with other approaches such as glossing, error labeling, in-context writing and sentence combining.

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