Business Communication Sample

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The title of the presentation: “BUSINESS COMMUNICATION”

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The list of the main questions that are discussed in the presentation: description of Talktome®, products and services, markets and opportunities, customers or targeted demographic, competitors, marketing strategy, financial overview.

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Slide 3 contains the introduction to the presentation, general overview of needs among the population, such as the need in some pieces of advice according to their life, carreer choice, instruction guidance, and other various issues.

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Slide 4 contains a general description of the company. Talktome® is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that provides people with some pieces of advice and counseling. This organization tries to listen to everyone and does their best to help them. 

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These two slides are about services and products that are provided by the company. They are: 24 hours line provider; exploitation of partnerships with other non governmental organizations; providing with career advice/counseling, internship opportunities; providing with limited-time discounts on clothes and electronics in some of the big chain stores; volunteer projects for people who are in juvenile homes and motherless babies; help in the realization of people’s goals in life; help in the acquisition of higher or better education for those who are economically incapacitated; offering of the safe house for runaways and abused children.  

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Slide 7 contains information about markets and opportunities of the company: help according to teenage pregnancy and abortion. A very promising avenue for Talktome® is the partnerships with Red Cross according to blood donation.  

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Slide 8 identifies the target audience of the company. Thus, the targeted audience and customers of Talktome® Company are the young people and teens. 

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Slide 9 is about competitors of the company. As this organization is unique, and brand new, there are no competitors yet.

Slide 10, 11

Slides 10 and 11 are about marketing strategy: 1. reaching the target audience; 2. exploring strategic partnerships.

1) Creating of Facebook page, where various photos and videos will be put. For instance, photos of young people who volunteered in different countries, videos about their feelings, experiences, daily activities in the new country, their new friends, changes, what they learnt new and how these all affected their lives. Such videos will be addressed for young people who want to volunteer. Also, there will be a video about activities and aims of the company. All these videos and news will spread on You-tube and twitter. It is such original advertisement of services and opportunities of the company. 

2) The company will help sponsors and partners to place their brands within the pictures or videos. Moreover, in cooperation with PR companies, Talktome® will get approval from popular public figures.

Slide 12

This slide contains financial overview. As the most of company’s staff are volunteers, Talktome® is not cash heavy. The company has minimal cost. All donations, grants that the company has received are enough to fund Talktome® organization. 

Slides 13, 14

Slide 13, 14 contain references.  


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