Business Contact Interview

The main method of communication used by the employee in his place of work is email messages. The employee states that all employees in his place of work have desktop computers, which are net-worked to facilitate instant email messaging. Every employee has an email address, used for official communication only. I think this an effective method of communication in a bank since it is time saving, fast, and reduces movement during working hours. However, the employee says that he sometimes uses telephone calls to communicate. He uses this method when the recipient of information is not at his/her workstation.

The employee states that one of the possible incidents of miscommunication in a bank may be failure to communicate to the right person. An employee may incorrectly enter the wrong email address when sending a message. This may result to giving out information to the wrong personal, and may be cause delay in responding to the information sent. For this reason, the employee advices that any individual interested in entering this career should know that communication in the bank requires a lot of accuracy due to the sensitive nature of work done in banks. For effective communication, one should always be extremely careful when communicating with others regardless of the method used.

In my opinion, the interview showed signs of effective communication. This is because the interviewee listened carefully as I asked him the questions, and I listened carefully as the interviewee gave the responses. By interviewing a banker, I hoped to gain knowledge about conducting effective communication in the banking sector. Indeed, I was able to learn that one should be particularly careful when communicating with others in a bank because accuracy is intensely critical in this sector. What I learnt from the interviewee would help me achieve communication effectiveness in different ways. For instance, I learnt that I should always think before communicating to others in order to ensure that what I am communicating is accurate. Furthermore, I should also be patient with others in order to allow them think effectively before giving communication feedback. In summary, communication is extremely beneficial, and all parties in the communication process should practice patience and accuracy.  

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