Business Document Design and Development


Opening up a brand new restaurant in this fast paced and tech-savvy world is getting challenging every day. Hence, looking forward to a great opportunity to build a business thru the Subway restaurant was really my choice. The business document design and development were my first priorities.

Problem Statement

This project is based upon a business plan I would like to introduce regarding the documentation standards, as what type of documents would be introduced to ensure high and sophisticated work, utilized and stored for input and output purposes. The Template design for the software system would be the platform where the documents would be used, and their user-friendly infrastructure.  The next step contributes to the development of text input functions, which portrays complex mathematical and technical functions as well as matching each document with its appropriate files. Following all these necessary requirements, I would like to initiate a short training session to demonstrate my company’s system efficiency and structure to expedite the opening of my newly created restaurant.

Documentation Design and Development:

A fast food restaurant demands professional and challenging documentation with accuracy and efficiency. The company’s logo and software systems are provided by the Subway Head Quarter, located in Connecticut, USA. However, the document design would be an option. Commonly, there would be six different forms of documents I shall be introducing into my company, which will be the mainstream of our work.

The focus here is on Word processors like Ms Word and its entire package, called Ms Office. The version depends upon the Windows latest version. Company’s databases might use Ms Access or Visual Basic software, whichever is more convenient and therefore, the printable, professional and creative documentation is facilitated by Ms Word or Ms Works word processors. 

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