Business Information Security Plan

Information is a vital tool in any organization. It is used for planning and management to reach certain goals set by an organization. It is therefore important for any business to keep information well secured and avoid its spillage to the competitors. If crucial strategies were exposed to the competitors in a certain business, there would be no growth or competitiveness in the organization whose information would have leaked. It is therefore vital for any organization to guard its information systems so that only authorized people could get it whenever it is necessary.

In order to develop the correct business information security plan, the organization should come up with three categories of information: confidential, private/internal and public. The levels of access would differ in that confidential information would be accessed by the top-most management team, who are responsible for the ultimate running of the business. Internal information is supposed to circulate within the organization, while public information is accessed by anyone within the organization or outside and can be posted in the media.

Public information is supposed to be well protected from manipulation in order to reach the target people. In this case, the organization imparting the information should pass it through print or electronic media in a form that can not be manipulated. If the Internet is used for a company website, the management team should ensure that the information cannot be edited on the site, or that responses from the website viewers are not seen by other viewers without being edited first.

For internal and confidential information, the organization should, first of all, determine who are the inside people that have an access to the information. The organization would then provide the authorized people with codes, key cards and passwords to allow them access the information. All the accesses should be recorded so that individuals who view the information could be known in case there was a leakage. All the files accessed in a sessions should be determined in case it needs to be revisited. No person who is not authorized should know the access codes or possess a key card.

The plan should have a system to ensure that data is not lost through fires, theft of computers, through the placement of backups and that it is protected from viruses. Passwords for encrypted data should be available to the confidential people.

Finally, the plan should ensure that the whole information system is well updated and maintained in order to keep up with technology and strengthening of the weak entry points. Workers who would have left the organization would be barred from unauthorized entry. Therefore, a business would have safe information that would allow it get more competitive in its industry.

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