Capital Equipments and Business Services

The acquisition of capital equipments and business services has identifiable difference to the organization. Acquisition of capital equipment entails the process of analysing the organisation’s existing physical equipments in order to determine the deficit, plan for purchase of additional equipments, organise for the acquisition process, and make decisions on whether to dispose the old or obsolete equipments. On the other hand, business services involve formulating a layout of how the organisation’s services are supposed to be delivered to the firm from external suppliers. The two substantive issues significantly influence the success of the organisation. Additionally, the effectiveness of management is measured by its ability to considerably handle acquisition of equipments and business services.

The eminent characteristics of acquisition of capital equipments are transparency and accountability, suitability, and resourcefulness. The whole process of acquisition should reflect the business codes of conduct and ethical standards as reflected by transparency and accountability. Suitability and resourcefulness entails the acquisition of capital equipments that add value to the organisation. Concerning business services, its identifiable characteristics are intangibility, inseparability, variability and instant delivery. Intangibility of business services refers to the fact that a service cannot be seen, touched, heard or felt, and embraced before its purchase or consumption. Inseparability considers the fact that business services are received with the interaction of the providers and the potential clients. Variability of the business services is important because of non-standardization of quality and types of the available services (Myers, 1993). Finally, business services are instant in that they are perishable and cannot be saved for future use. As per these influential characteristics of the acquisition of capital equipments and business services, it is critical to weigh their impact on the overall performance of the organisation.

During the acquisition of capital equipments and business services negotiations, the presence of staff members is very essential. The contributions made by the staff in identification, selection, acquisition and implementation of each agreement, ensure the conformity and adaptability in the organization. At the same time, the presence of the staff members of the issuing organization and other professional expatriates adds value and sensitise the agreements of the two involved parties. Furthermore, the two parties under negotiations will be assisted by the appropriate experts to resolve any disputes that might arise.

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