Claim Letter over Undersized French Doors

Dear Mr. XXXX,

I was thrilled with the oak French doors, which I ordered them by telephone on July 2, 2011 from Custom Wood, Inc. However, I discovered one problem, which called for correction.

When I ordered the oak French door from your company, I had requested doors with a total measuring of 3.23 meters made from oak. When I picked the doors, I signed a statement on the invoice that the oak French doors were of the correct size. However, from the attached copy of the invoice, it does not show the exact door measurements. Before signing the statement, I asked whether the doors were of the correct size, and one of your salesmen told me that they were of the size that I had ordered.

Unfortunately, when my carpenter measured them in order to fix them, he realized that the doors were cut too small. Instead of measuring a total of 3.23 square meters, the door measured 3.13 square meters. I was very upset regarding the small doors because I was not able to install the doors.  I waited three weeks for these doors, but I did not get the size of the door I wanted.

  My carpenter offered to rebuild the opening of the doors for me after he realized the problem, since my client wanted the doors fixed immediately. However, he charged more money, which added up to $455.50, because he worked extra time. I feel that the people of your company should reimburse for the extra charge, since they were responsible of the error.

I am a good customer of your company because I used your quality doors and windows on many other jobs. I am confident that you will grant this claim as soon as possible. I have enclosed a copy of my carpenter’s extra bill he charged me for the extra work he did, together with a copy of Custom Wood's invoice, which does not show the exact door measurements.

I hope that your company can reimburse for the extra charge I paid the carpenter since your people were responsible of the error.

Please reply as soon as possible so as to inform me on the action you will take to remedy this situation.

Yours Sincerely,

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