Collaboration within Organizations

Over the years, there have been attempts by organizations to seek means through which they can improve their efficiency. This has been coupled by attempts to ensure the development of new products and services in the market as well as heighten their competitiveness. To be realized however is that these noted behaviors have existed through the ages. There has however been a shift from the adage behaviors where the technology that was mainly in play was limited to mainly indulge the use of emails, sharing of files combined with content management services. Today however there have been pragmatic shifts in technological usage to enhance global collaborations. This has been necessitated by the rise and expanse of globalization, the wide dispersal of talent and the travel restriction that have been evidenced therein, thus the need for the aforementioned global collaborations.

As noted by Whitney Tidmarsh (undated), collaboration within organizations has thus been credited for changing the world into a new digitally enabled world through modernization and evolution. This is developed as they seek means through which information is shared amongst the friends and relatives and as such the same technology is made use of in their workplaces.

In agreement to the above opinion is Kent Erikson (undated), who asserts that with the introduction of new collaboration systems, there has been a convergence in the trends employed in the technical and economic business practices. He asserts that this has led to the development in business knowledge with reference to designs, planning, business forecasting and planning thereof, business analysis and marketing amongst others.

It is thus not in doubt that collaborations within organizations has led to the development of business network connections that are faster and more affordable (Coombs, 1996). Thus in a global economy that is ever so competitive, the collaborations have led to increased innovation, higher production and efficiency.

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