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Citibank has been in operation for many years providing services to different parts of the world. In 1812, the bank was founded and headquarter was based in New York. The bank operates from New York but with different branches across America and in other continents. The bank operates in 100 countries, and in America it has more than 1, 400 offices. It offers services like credit cards, insurance, and provides investment products. Have been working with the bank as an intern and during my stay with the bank have noted different problems in my department which hinders the improvement of the business. I have academic qualification and that is why I was employed as an intern to be trained on how to work in the banking system. This proposal is aimed in improvement of the performance and making sure that the interns are able to use the system in the bank appropriately. It has been a problem since I joined the bank that the interns are not fully trained to work with the systems, since the managers or the head of departments are always behind their back.

Purpose and benefits of the proposal

This proposal is aimed at developing the training program for inters and make sure that all interns are able to use bank working systems and #12290 expertly. Citibank is a big cooperation and it has wide spread business, and when employees are not effectively trained it means that the performance of the bank will reduce due to incompetence of employees. The interns have been working with system but with close supervision from their managers and some cannot remember the passwords to the data which they are suppose to complete. The proposed training will make sure that the interns get the concept in application of new technology and remember the passwords in their department. When the interns will be given permission to learn while working they will get the concept of work effectively.

The proposal will promote the banking business and make sure that all departments work to make sure that the bank get maximum profit from there operations. On consideration of the proposal the bank will develop training programs which will promote the employees’ ability to work. The managers will improve their performance and the way they handle trainees.

Methods, procedures and theories

The bank employs interns and gives them a book to read on how to work. There is no training offered but the interns supervise themselves in training. In many organizations training is done, and this improves the performance of employees. The interns who are employed by the bank do not have any working experience they only have education certificate. The education offered by colleges and universities do not provide enough knowledge to work but the experience sharpens individual performance.  Many organizations employ people to promote the business. When interns are left without enough training it means they will not work as required.

In order to develop the business by improving employee performance the bank will need to revise the training program for interns. The managers in each department should ensure that the interns have learned every thing theoretically and practically. Scholars said that, “practice makes perfect”. Before the interns get into job are suppose to be trained for about six month. The training should involve application and use of banking systems. In the bank all systems have pin number and password and many people are not conversant with the use of electronic technology. For example, the doors are opened electronically by us of electronic card or insertion of pin number. Many interns can not access the use of electronic devices since they are given books to read how to operate and they do not operate practically.

In the first month of training the interns should be shown all the places to work from, and the offices of senior officers. The interns should also be shown all departments and places which are out of bounds for certain employees like the place were money safe are placed. The book which the interns are given to read should be given in the first month to make the interns grasp the concepts of work theoretically. Things like organizations objectives and rules are suppose to be told to employees by senior managers or the directors. The action to be taken on bleach of such rules should also be disclosed by senior managers.

In the second month, the interns should be ready to work with close supervision. Employees who have worked with the bank for more than two years should be providing supervision to interns when performing their duties. The training program should be set in away that all interns can work in all departments. The interns are supposed to start training in the simplest department like the relationship department and end at the hardest department like the operation department. After six month of consecutive training the interns are suppose to be taken to the department which they performance the best. If an individual performance the best in finance department he/she should be allocated to wok in that department.

After the training the interns should get into real business with little supervision for about one month. The rotation of interns in all departments will reduce the cost of payment, since when a certain employees get sick sometimes the bank is forced to outsource services which adds cost. The training will ensure that the employees can work in all departments when need arises. Sociological, individuals are social by nature and they interact. Interaction in working environment makes the employees to feel free while working in one office. Strangers can not work together and training enhances the relationship between employees.

This mode of training is more expensive than the one the bank has been performing but it will sharpen the performance of the interns. After training the interns will be able to work effectively with all systems and became a permanent asset. They will be providing high quality services which will ensure the growth of the bank. For example, those working in relationship department should be trained and sharpened to get more customers. The bank should not account the training as loss but as an asset, since the interns will be working effectively and within a short period they will be able to recover the cost. Take for example; when the interns are not trained they have poor performance. They do not know how to access passwords to certain data even to unlock bank doors and offices, and this delays operation. When an individual or a customer wants to be given details about his/her account and is served by untrained intern who is not able to access the password will take a lot of time. In the process the customer may get out of patient and decide to quite the bank and open a new account with another bank. When the interns are trained even if the cost is high the customers will be retained and they will encourage their friends to join the bank due to good and promising services provided by the bank.

Positive outcomes

After the implementation of the above methods and procedures of handling interns the bank will improve in performance and have good business. All departments will have new employees who can work according to professional ethics, and the bank ethical code. The trained interns will make sure that they work effectively in order to show the positive results of the training. The training will also improve the performance of the employees who did not go through the said training. Currently, the bank has about 1,400 offices in America and implementation of the procedures of training the bank can expand more. The bank has grown and provides services to 100 countries across the world but the training will make the interns more competed in handling online services and promote the expansion of the banks businesses in other countries.

Some individuals do not know how to relate in working environment. This kind of people creates problem when employed in organization. Conflict in work place reduces the workers productivity. The training will ensure that the interns are sharpened and those who do not have public relationship skills will be helped. The training will ensure a stress free working environment for the interns and this will increase their performance. Stress makes individuals to quite job because nobody likes to work in stressful environment. The training will ensure that the employees are certified with the work they are given, and the bank will retain the employees. It is unhealthy for an organization to loose employees to anther organization and through training the interns’ personality will be understood properly and the managers will be able to know to handle different people in their departments.

Tasks and dates

There some tasks which should be contacted to ensure change and improvement of internship program. The measure which should be effected first include things like training budget, training programs and sourcing new trainers of programs like public relationship, first aid, customer care and disaster management among others. Budget should be added because the current internship programs is expensive than the existing. The budget should be implemented in three month time. The budget should include things like outsourcing services, equipments, properties to be used in training and the salary for interns. The trainers of first aid should be contacted before the budget so that their cost will be included in the budget. All outsourcing services should be done and completed in the first month. The budget for the training program should not exceed $ 1 million in order to safe the cost of other banks operations. The table below shows the proposed budget.


Cost in US $

Outsourcing services/trainers


Facilities/ equipments








Objections and alternatives

The training is crucial for improvement of the performance of interns. It will ensure that the interns use the systems appropriately and they are able to handle customers professionally. The bank can decide to do away with the internship programs and work without the services and this will minimize the budget. The bank can employ individuals who have experience from other banks but pay them huge salary. There some colleges which provides employee training, and the bank can work in collaboration with those colleges. The bank can recruit interns and let them pay for their fee to those colleges and upon passing the exam they get full employment, but those who fail they miss the chance.


This proposal reviews the improvement on internship programs since previously the interns do not get enough training, and they have hard time when using bank systems. The training model in this proposal will enhance the working capability of the interns and make them more productive hence promotion of banks’ business. The ideas in the proposal should be taken in consideration and with great importance. The ideas will ensure that the organization offers favorable working environment to the employees.

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