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Nowadays, marketing is moving in direction of developing new strategies and schemes. Business-consumer relations became more fast and operational due to the Internet and social media development. Such tools as Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook have upended how consumers could be engaged with brands. Brands within new tendencies are connected with potential consumers in ways that differ from traditional ones. In this paper, we will describe how consumers are connected with brands today regarding new advertisement methods and campaigns.

First of all, we can say that social media made fundamental changes in the economics of marketing. New brands are represented in a completely new way, which makes traditional strategies and marketing structures less effective. Companies develop their tactics better and better every day. Modern marketing analytics engage customers into buying process through the Internet tools and software. For marketers, old tactics of doing business and advertising goods is unsustainable.

Some time ago, when online marketing was not so popular, traditional strategies where doing their best. For example, when a buyer was choosing a car or something else, he or she was looking on different choices that where available at that moment. A buyer could choose the best thing according to his/her own criteria. The dealer would show to the potential customer his product, they would make a sale. “The buyer’s relationship with both the dealer and the manufacturer would typically dissipate after the purchase” (Edelman 2010). Nowadays, there is a completely different situation. Marketers try to get a feedback from their customers through the social media. Connecting with the help of various Internet tools, the manufacturer controls its brand popularity and has a possibility to change its marketing strategy to attract more customers. New ways of engaging customers into buying process becomes more and more demanded for marketers. The consumer is engaged into the promotion of a chosen brand collaborating with brand and marketing campaigns. Staying on the top and being in the center of the customer`s attention became inseparable part of modern market. Technologies and strategy development help business and move forward diverse marketing brands.

To be specific, we need to say that advertisement and customer support is doing its best on the Internet and has the potential to grow in this sphere. Companies are convinced that learning customers’ feedback is more useful for business decisions than overt marketing tools. Communications channel works on the whole level of business and gains more popularity because of technological development and World Wide Web. Brands are represented in new ways with operating traditional tactics adding new tools and marketing tactics. The consumer is connected with brand through new media channels and entertaining tactics of engaging customer into non-stop brand development. Interaction is a part of modern business that keeps customers acknowledged with new products and keeps marketers in trend.

Current marketing becomes more effective because of customer support. Facebook likes, Twits, Google engine and diverse blogs help brands to be in the center of customer`s attention. To make it clear, we show the following social media statistics:

Facebook has 845 active users.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

Twitter has 127 million active users.

13% of Internet users use Twitter from time to time.

36% users make tweets every day.

Google + has 90 million unique visitors (from 1 domain).

Linkelin has 150 million users.

75% of Linkelin users use it for business purposes.

2 million companies on Linkelin (Anson 2012).

With the help of online services, companies keep society informed about new products and have a feedback from their customers. Becoming more personalized and communicative, marketing tactics distributes products faster and more successful basing on customers comments about the product and a feedback through customers support. By developing marketing ways of brand distribution, a customer gets more satisfied and supplied with everything that he or she needs. Depending on personality, companies try to use different approaches. Nevertheless, social media works in the same way. The difference stays only in the message itself. For example, by sharing news on Facebook, company attracts customers through likes and friend posts.

Furthermore, social media makes brand advertising become more abstract and illustrative (Matthew 2011). Informational bank of data has big amounts of text materials that have no sense nowadays. Potential customers filter such information every day, and brands need to have direct and clear message to get into customers attention. With the help of social search engines, customers find different information of every brand. Such information may differ according to the place where it is situated – on the personal site of a company or on the random consumer’s blog. Uncontrolled Internet environment may represent a brand in different ways. Nevertheless, increasing media benefits are hitting the point of 75% of marketers plan to increase media spending in recent years (Mershon 2012). That is why, social media marketing becomes more popular with the help of advertising campaigns and personalized customer tactics.

Consumers themselves make their decisions based on the information they learn from the World Wide Web. Users share their information and get a feedback from their friends and colleagues. Companies selling their brand firstly make an advertisement that can attract possible customers. If brand is correctly represented and distributed, it becomes more popular thanks to the Internet tools and social media advertising tactics. Nevertheless, “likes” work not only if there is something to like. Friend posts are always a preferred object to read and repost. Marketing tries to operate in every sphere of social life. If the Internet became the second life for most of people, it orientates on active advertising of the most popular sites and forums. Social media became the first tool for brand distribution, because it became the most effective tool for communication and information sharing.

To sum up, we can say that nowadays brands are represented in a completely new way. Customer support and social media advertising became the first tools in marketing. By sharing information through web, customers not only keep informed about the latest company’s news, but also help brand grooving and distribution.

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