Corporate Card

In most cases, companies have been subjected to unproved and unaccounted expenses in their premises due to the preference of most of their employees to use their own personal cards. These employees who have been encouraged by the adoring reward points and mileages they get when using their personal cards are not fully aware that such transactions are subject to their company’s expenses. In turn, companies are made to cater for the liabilities which they are unable to account for. Therefore, it is essential for companies to incorporate ways of encouraging employees to embrace using the corporate card rather than their personal cards.

How to Encourage Employees to Use Corporate Card

Corporate card is an essential business entity which is designed be aware of and manage employees’ expenditures. Simon (2008) points out that it is designed in a manner that reflects the organizations’ distinctive styles and uncompromised liability standards that ensure that accurate, detailed, and regular accounts of all organizations’ transactions can be accessed any time. This write-up discusses the ways with the help of which employees can be encouraged to use corporate cards.

According to Tauschek (2010), a company should add the best corporate card rewards programs that give employees’ an incentive for cards implementation. He notes that such a program should allow employees to redeem a wide range of merchandize and services with no risks of expiry. Additionally, Simon (2008) states that the company should encourage employees’ use of corporate mobile which not only brings rewards for top corporate mobile user, but also enhances their privacy. This will require the company to develop and institute effective corporate mobile device policies that enhance the use, but enforce mobile security to create employees loyalty to this usage.

On the other hand, Fitzgerald (2006) points out that the company should design its corporate cards in a format that can be embedded in any corporate phones. This would enable employees to make payment for their expenses using their corporate phones which are then instantly added to the company’s expenses lists. He indicates that the company, in designing the corporate card to be compatible with the corporate phone programs, should ensure that the personal credit card statement of the employee is not submitted to the company.

Additionally, Simon (2008) emphasizes the need for the company to inform its employees about its policies regarding the use of corporate cards. This would enable employees to establish the types of limitation subjected while making charges for their company’s corporate card.  He further points out that the company should lower the charge penalties especially for the unapproved expenses that employees might have made using their corporate cards. This would create confidence among the employees and increase the use of corporate cards.


Encouraging the use of the corporate card by employees is paramount in affectively and sufficiently accounting for company’s expenses. Companies should therefore engage employees by initiating corporate card usage programs that not only offer rewards to employees, but also protect their personal privacy as well provide them with the necessary trainings.

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