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There are many manufacturers of luxury motor cycles in the USA. This has resulted into a stiff competition among the manufacturers in the attempt to market their products within the local market. Most of the companies in the country have therefore ventured into the emerging foreign markets where they seek to introduce their products. This write up will explore how Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, manufacturers of the Coyote motorcycle can successfully introduce the product in Nigeria.

Introducing Luxury Motorcycle Coyote manufactured by Big Dog Manufacturers, LLC, In Nigeria


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and accounts for more than half of the West Africa’s population. It is one of the countries that have huge deposits of oil reserves. Additionally, it is the leading trader with the USA in the sub-Saharan Africa (US department of State, 2012). It has witnessed a continuous growth in its middle class. It is estimated that, the middle class population is about 37 million of the estimated 160 million people in total. The country is also largely urbanized.

The country thus presents a considerable market for luxury motorbikes given the disposable income the market niche possesses. In addition, to the middle class, there is also an emerging crop of celebrities in the film and music industry, which Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, will target with its Coyote brand. It is thus against this backdrop that Coyote, a luxury motorbike manufactured by Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, will be acceptable in the Nigerian market. The motorbike comes with specifications that fit the county’s infrastructure. Those are:; a carbureted fuel system, an electronic single fire ignition, a 310 CCA sealed battery, and a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, Coyote is retailing at $ 23,900, a price that is within the reach of majority of the middle-income people.

The political climate in Nigeria is favorable for the introduction of Coyote. There has been a considerable smooth political transition between successive governments since the government of Olesugun Obasanjo in 1999 and democracy is being entrenched. This is giving the much needed continuity and certainty in business. It also means that the economic system remains uninterrupted and thus a continued growth in per capita income. This in turn ensures growth in the disposable income and thus increases the size of the middle class. This economic and political stability will ensure that there is a ready and growing market for Coyote.

There is no identifiable direct competitor in the luxury motorbike market. However, there are other motorbikes targeting the lower class which are normally used for transport purposes. Therefore, this is not a serious competition, as Coyote is a luxury motorbike meant for middle and upper class members. Nevertheless, competition exists from the motor vehicle industries which manufacture a variety of luxury motor vehicles in Nigeria. This will be the key competitor as Big Dog Motorcycles’, LLC,targets the same market.

Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, will make an elaborate campaign to promote the sales for Coyote. It will primarily adopt a push communication model aimed at attracting buyers without necessarily advertising (Ashley, 2012). However, because this single model may not work, Big Dog motorcycles, LLC, will prepare to adopt other means. For instance, the company will engage in road shows and exhibitions to create interest for the product. This will be ideal because the target market is an urban population. It may also adopt personal selling in which target clients are approached individually.

This method will be effective, since the individual client’s queries are quickly replied to (Chaston, 1999). For its distribution, Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, will adopt an exclusive distribution channel. This is by way of a single outlet which, according to Chaston (1999), will make the product affordable to the customers by cutting the costs associated to a long distribution channel. With time, Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC, will engage the mass media to remind the existing and upper middle class of the product as well as to create awareness among the emerging middle class members. Dealer News, a major industry for publication, ranked Big Dog Manufacturers, LLC, as the number one manufacturers of its other product V-twin motorcycle (Company Official Website, 2012). The company will thus utilize this good will in the American market to woo customers in Nigeria.


In conclusion, all pointers are in favor of a successful introduction of Coyote in Nigeria. Big Dog Manufacturers, LLC, stands out for its stylish and durable luxury motorcycles and is expected to be a big industry player in the middle class niche of the market. Its repute of ensuring customer satisfaction and ability to change to industry demands will enhance its presence in Nigeria.

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