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The automakers are increasing their efforts to design motor vehicles that are fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. The steadily increasing complicacy of such automobiles is the reason car makers are collaborating with various universities to intensify their study which has already become exhausted. General Motors is one such company that has pioneered in this project. Instead of simply providing funds or car parts to universities, the company is expanding internships among other firms to discover students capable of designing vehicles that utilize alternative energy (Joswick, 2012). General Motors is the leading sponsor of EcoRAR, a green-technology contest conducted by Ohio State University’s energy department.

General Motors has applied a business strategy that incorporates dynamic contexts by employing human capital that was previously overlooked. The company has applied Chapter 6 of dynamic concepts in its business model.  General Motors combines its physical resources with young talented individuals to conduct changes in the industry. This has fuelled innovativeness in the company and dynamism in the car market.

EcoRAR program is a three year contest aimed at reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of Chevrolet Malibus (Joswick, 2012). General Motors has realized that the intersection of research and educational institutions, car builders and authorities is paying for all the stakeholders involved, for students in particular. This is because the automaker has pioneered other industry players in hiring approximately 80 per cent of their interns who are versed in the development procedure (Joswick, 2012). Further, the interns have proved that they can cooperate in teams. This is a crucial skill in the development of modern highly complex automobiles.

General Motors, like many other car brands, was reorganized during the economic recession and, thus, it is eager to work with universities in undertaking downsized research. The company has realized that it needs to obtain new innovation ideas from young researchers in those institutions. Case in point is a person who has benefitted from the program - Catherine Bovee, a master’s student at Ohio State University (Joswick, 2012). Through her professor, Dr.Yann Guezennec, Catherine got connected with EcoRAR, a green-energy competition organized by General Motors and the energy department (Joswick, 2012).

General Motors has enabled students solve real world problems through the development of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles. The program also includes a multi-disciplinary focus on next generation automobiles. In partnering with universities in the EcoRAR project, General Motors has realized that students are rising to the challenge in the difficulty of merging chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering with other technologies (Joswick, 2012). Additionally, prospective engineers have developed a bias in hybrid automobiles among other advanced cars. They view the cars less as exceptional and rather what all automobiles will resemble in future.

Catherine Bovee’s shift in studies from mechanical to other engineering courses is indicative of changes in the classes of engineers and automobile industry. As General Motors increases its efforts in developing efficient vehicles, engineering programs are also adapting curriculums that are preparing students to design vehicles according to the current demands (Joswick, 2012). There are big dramatic differences in returns between General Motors and its competitors as a result of the company tapping into the talented youth among university interns. The firm’s success is driven by the configuration of its activities to enhance innovativeness through research while simultaneously fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. As such, General Motors’ strategy can be interpreted as based on resources and capabilities. It combines procedures and skills tapped from university students in producing hybrid cars. This expertise is combined with the firm’s resources to develop vehicles suiting the modern car market.

General Motors can be witnessed to have adopted competitive interaction to bring about dynamism in the automobile market through the employment of talented youth. Additionally, the firm can be seen to excel over its competitors by applying VRINE Model. It considers university interns to be a valuable and original source of ideas as the expertise is vested among the young developers. These features enable General Motors meet the market demand for hybrid vehicles. Through continuous research conducted in various universities, it ensures continuity in the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

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