Customer Comment Card Design

The purpose of a customer comment card is to get the feedback of the customers about some service or something else in the business scenarios and even in other domains of life. There is the need to write a customer comment card in a more professional and well planned way. Adoption of this way would help in getting the opinion of cutomers in a more expressed way and the feedback provided will also be fruitful. So using comment card the business community can easily evaluate the satisfaction of their customers about a particular product. For the judgement of better customer satisfaction, needs and complaints there is the need to desing customer comment card more professionally. Some of the practices to design the customer comment cards are as under:

In the comment cards there is the need to mention only those things for which a change is required and try to avoid asking unnecessary details because this action would also help to better understand customer behaiour (Vincent, 2003). By adopting this principle the company leaders will be able to get the relevant information in the form of complaints and suggesions either positive or negative. During designing also ask the age of the customer because age plays a vital role in assessing the problem level i.e. either the problem is from young people or older one. The young people are the cause of more problems (Bearden, Mason, 1984). When designing customer comment cards add the option of contacting the customers if they are willing but don’t force them and this thing would help to get more clarification about the comments which they have given. Sometimes there can be the vague comments which one cannot understand even after studying several times so add the option of contact either asking the email or cell phone of the customer. The printing of the customer comment cards must be of very high quality. Because good printing quality of customer comment cards also have deeper effect on the customers so they prove very helpful in giving good comments. If the quality of the printing would be poor and not appealing them cutomer will simply ignore it and they would feel reluctant to fill out the feedback.  For good customer comment card it is good to offer some rewards or gift to those customer who would take part to fill out the customer comment card. By doing so more customer will be involved in writing the comments aobut the overall quality of the product or services which the company or the organization is providing and so it would enhance the possibility of getting more and more comments of the customers and these comments will help to streamline the future business policy on the basis of the faults or drawbacks which will be found during the analysis of these comments or suggestions by the customers. For greater or effective impact there is the need to use different colorful styles for customer comment cards and using this style the organizers can use graphics and they can add different logos and pictures. The main purpose of these comment cards is revolving around one goal which is the goal of marketing or when there is the need to promote a product in the market. There is the need to design the customer comment cards according to the audience to whom you are giong to address. It means that the design of the customer comment cards must be audience specific instead of designing the cards as generic one. The audience specific cards may cover a wide range of community i.e. the people from executive level to ordinary persons. Another principle to design the customer comment cards is based upon the events because some time when people are going to get feedback about a particular event or an occasion e.g. the feedback of the audience at the end of an academic conference or the feedback of the students about their tutor at the end of a semester in university or college.

Best Practices of Customer Comment Card Administration

As the feedback about a business, event, occasion or activity is very essential for future policies so regarding future policies there comes the need to administer the feedback in a more professional way for the sake of analysis. Here in this section some best practices are described for customer comment card administration in an organization either business, educational or some other.

After getting the feedback through comment cards the company leaders or admin must devise the procdure to improve the overall quality of the services or products which they are selling to their customers. If the company or business firm would not consider the feedback seriously then it can harm the company in a more severe way.  After getting the feedback the company or firm must try to solve the existing problems of the customers and this thing would help to increase the trust of the customers on the company. So the admin must try to manage the information in such a way that each and every critical factor must be recorded well that can add competitive leverage. The age of the customer must also be taken into account because the younger customers create much mess than the older one (Bearden, Mason, 1984). The administration must provide proctection in term of privacy and the data of the customers must be kept in full confidentiality. The administration must give the full information to its customers about the appeal which they will submit against the services or products. The administration must try to understand the difficulties faced by their customers. Complaints must be considered favourably, as “complaints are hidden treasures” (Sanes, 1993), instead of providing any harm to customers try to adopt an appropriate procedure to solve the problems of the customers.

Simple Customer Comment Card

  1. Has the teacher completed the course in time?                                          Yes/No

  2. Is your teacher profficient in English language communication?                    Yes/No

  3. Is your teacher expert in the course material?                                            Yes/No

  4. Has the teacher provided you sufficient real time examples?                        Yes/No

  5. Do you think there is some deficiency?                                                      Yes/No

  6. Was your teacher punctual?                                                                      Yes/No

  7. Have you learnt contemporary knowledge?                                                 Yes/No

Comments:The customer comment card which is designed in the previous page would help to find out the students’ feed back about the course and it would also help to evaluate the teacher who has taught the very course to students. Using the data the admin can find out the abilities of the teacher both educational and presonal. But the evaluation must be taken in such scenarios before the semester exams and it would help to eliminate the element of bias or prejudice because after the result it would be harmful for evaluation of the teachers because all those students who will get F they would not reflect the true data.

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