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McDonald Company has actually built itself into one of the largest multinational restaurant chain all over the world, with more than 30,000 holding in different parts of the world since its inception in 1940. (McDonald, 2000) The company reign as being one of the largest food chain with the largest number of customer on a regular basis. This is normally attributed to its effective customer care and services core values that are deeply entrenched in the Company.

McDonald’s Company in Hong Kong offers proper sales and customer services methods that make it dominate the market. The company’s success is attributed to the ability to control the market through strong product brands and proper customer services and care. (McDonald, 2000) Hong Kong McDonald’s Company considers factors that influence the customers purchasing behavior. (McDonald, 2000) The ability to incorporate these factors in the management procedures contributes to its rapid growth. This paper provide an analysis of the customer care and services provided in the McDonald Company based in Hong Kong, with key focus on the customer-focused initiatives that provide variety and value to customers in the region.

Aim and objective

The aim and objective of this analysis is to exemplify the need for a company to be able to identifying customers need, and to effectively respond to these needs through provision of quality services and care. The analysis further aims at emphasizing on the need for a company to keep track on the customer’s behavior and need that are normally dynamic over the time. (Klassen, 2006) This is because understanding of the customer behavior and needs normally provides a long term profitable relationship with company, like in the case of McDonald Company that enjoys a long thriving relationship with its customer through provision of quality services. (Klassen, 2006) In addition, the analysis aims at epitomizing the essentiality of providing unique services to the customer as a part of customer retention program, this normally increase the customer loyalty as in the case of McDonald Company. (Klassen, 2006)


The data used in this analysis was obtained from business journals and newspaper that provide an in-depth focus on the customer based initiatives adopted by McDonald Company worldwide, but with a special focus to its Hong Kong holding. (Facella, 2009) The qualitative study was emphasized for this study because it provides adequate information for the analysis of the company’s operations. The results were compiled from the examination of how McDonalds Company relates with other firms. Information about the Company becomes readily available from the study of the franchises since the Company maintains its strategies. These researchers attempted to explain the customer retention strategies the company adopted in order to be competitive and to capture a larger market, in Hong Kong. (Facella, 2009) Secondary information was obtained from the reports of annual data used to understand the position of McDonald’s in the Hong Kong market. In addition, a variety of academic writing has assessed the customer services and care strategies that are usually adopted by the McDonald company, strategies that make the company one of the competitive in the customer care and services industry. (Facella, 2009)

Customer Research

McDonald’s normally emphasizes on developing products which are attractive to customers. Thus, customer needs research is used by the company to establish the required change over time. The company normally invests a lot of efforts in a continuous research on the customer’s demand in order to build a customer oriented brands. (Klassen, 2006) The company phased out the old products and introduced new ones with a lot of care in order to prevent the effects on the sales of one choice by the introduction of other choices. Customer’s satisfaction becomes is a leading priority for the company. The underlying customer care and service strategy adopted by McDonald Company normally involves identification of the customer’s needs and preferences and actually meeting their needs in an efficient manner than all other competitors in the industry. This make satisfied customers become loyal to all McDonald’s product. (Klassen, 2006)

Customer Focus

In Hong Kong, McDonald has actually employed a demographic segmentation of the market with age as a key parameter to differentiate its customers. This segmentation makes the McDonald Company in Hong Kong to provide customer focused services to different groups of customers. For instance, parents visit the McDonald’s in order to treat their children through outstanding services provided. (Klassen, 2006) Business customer visits the joint since they are normally provided with efficient take away services without affecting their business schedules. Teenagers visit the joint because the food is cheap and they actually get the opportunity to use internet services that are normally extremely efficient hence make it a popular joint for teenagers. McDonald Company use both short term and long term customer care objectives that are monitored through customer feedbacks. (Klassen, 2006)

Management and Leadership

The management and leadership of the McDonald Company in Hong Kong have been heavily influenced by the culture of the people in the region. The Management normally focuses on understanding the cultural forces in Hong Kong that normally shapes and affects the interaction between McDonald salespersons and customers in the region. (Huber, 2011) The management normally emphasizes on effective interpersonal interaction with its customers. The management of Hong Kong McDonald joint believes that when its salespersons approach a customer while armed with knowledge of customer‘s cultural background, the action and body language shapes and enhances not only a positive interaction, but also the development of a long time profitable relationship with the customer. (Huber, 2011)

Staff Training and Development

Staff training and development is normally at the core of the company’s operation. McDonald’s leaders participate in challenging development experience and access a wide range of development tools and best practice resources that are often aimed at enhancing the delivery of quality services to its customer. (Huber, 2011) In Hong Kong, McDonald Company provides training to its staff. Training normally focuses on equipping the staff with the ability to supervise other people, delivery of outstanding quality, services, cleanliness and value. Through the extensive hospitality training provided by McDonald Company, staff normally develops a thorough understanding of the McDonald’s policies, security and safety procedures that are essential in the hospitality industry. (Huber, 2011) The overall training in normally centered at providing staffs with a wide range of opportunities and as well as support  development of critical leadership skills required to address key business challenges that affect the company in both long and short term,  thus makes its staff be competitive in the provision of quality services to its esteemed customers. (Huber, 2011)

Customer’s Satisfaction and Retention

Majority of businesses in the hospitality industry to which McDonald Company belongs normally strive to attract new customers rather than retaining the old customers. However, McDonald Company has invested heavily in customer retention programs that ensure that a satisfied customer’s stays longer with the company. The first essential strategy adopted by McDonald Company in Hong Kong market is meeting the customers’ needs beyond their expectation. (Zinszer, 2007 The Company normally ensures it provide a high quality services to its customer since any form of customer dissatisfaction normally drives the customers away.

In the last few years, the expectation of the McDonalds customer in the region have risen considerably, hence forcing the Company to invest in higher levels of customer services than ever. This has been achieved through additional of more customer oriented services in their menu such as welcome services, occasional thank-you notes and sale force incentives to their customers. (Zinszer, 2007)

The McDonald Company has also embraced up-selling strategy that entices the customer to buy a richer version of its product. In addition, it also offers cross-selling services to its customer. These cross selling services normally involves offering an additional product to the customers. Cross selling has actually allowed the McDonald Company to gain leverage from the customers by identifying additional services that the customer might need. (Zinszer, 2007)

Another customer retention strategy employed by McDonald Company is the customer defection prevention strategy. This has actually been achieved by the McDonald Company through the provision of distinct services that are rarely available from its competitors. The Company normally put into consideration all signals that are normally given by customer impeding to defect from the joint. (Zinszer, 2007)

McDonald Company in Hong Kong is normally committed to the management of the quality services that are provided to its customers. The company has actually implemented a continual service improvement program to the benefit of its customers. (Zinszer, 2007) Through conformity to the specific requirement that is stipulated in its service charter, the company provides quality service to the customer that is based on skill, care and diligence.

In addition, the Company has implemented and maintained an effective quality management system with the requirements of the international standards and actually operates in conjunction with health and safety systems to as to ensure quality service delivery to its customer. (Zinszer, 2007) This has boosted to a large extent the public confidence on the company hence enjoys attracting and retaining of large number of customers.


The quality customer care and services provided by McDonald Company in Hong Kong has proved that customer service is indispensable for the profitability and success of any business.

Customer research

It is quite clear that a company need to conduct a customer oriented market research in order to identify the customers’ needs and preferences through the marketing channels, transaction and interactions in order to provide quality and valuable services that serve their needs and at the right time. This is essential since it makes customer to become loyal to your products and services. (McDonald, 2000)

Customer focus

Since various customers normally have different needs and preferences, the Company needs to differentiate their services in order to suite all the segments of customers in the market. (Facella, 2009)Segmentation of customers normally enables the company to provide customer focused services and care based on their preferences and needs. In addition, customer focused services enables the Company to provide unique services to its esteemed customers. (Facella, 2009)

Management and leadership

It explicitly important for the company’s management to provide leadership based on the existing and prevailing cultural dynamics of the region. (Klassen, 20060this is because through this understanding, the management team devises policies that lead the entire organization into effectively responding to the needs and preferences of the customers to satisfaction. (Klassen, 2006) This is because conflict between customer’s way of life and Company’s management objectives may actually leads to resentment from customers.

Staff training and development

Staff training and development is essential for any Company to achieve its both long term and short time objectives. However, for companies in the food industry like the McDonald, customer services based training and development is critical. (Zinszer, 2007) Therefore, staffs need to be provided with a progressive training on delivery of quality and outstanding services to their customers in order to enhance customer satisfaction. (Zinszer, 2007)

Customer satisfaction and retention

Customer satisfaction is normally essential since it shapes the long term viability and profitability of the company. When customers are satisfied with the quality of services provided, they normally stick to the company. (Huber, 2011) Therefore, it is essentially imperative to provide quality services and care to the customers since any form of dissatisfaction normally drives the customers away.

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