Defective Computers and Computer Appliances

Richard Guinto,

Postal Address 01000,

New York, 10101.

14th January 2010.

Phone No. +2542159548.

Mr. Richard Collins,

Head of customer care,

Cotech computer services limited.

Postal Address 44447,

New York, 10101.

Dear Sir,


On 10th January 2010 I bought two dell computers of model 6200F and two hp printers of model F 4280 from your store. The receipt for this transaction is 02165677N. But I was disappointed to find out that the items were either defective or did not meet my specification. One computer of serial number, P567795644367 had a defective DVD ROM; it could not read any DVD disc. Moreover it had a RAM of 512 Mb instead of 1 GB which I had specified in my quotation letter of reference number R4567389. Another computer of serial P 345676678342 had a monitor with very poor resolution. Also one printer of serial number C23537854390 had defective cartridges and could not print any document. The second printer of serial number C23547894556 had paper feeders that were not working properly.

I would appreciate if you could exchange these defective items for new ones and if it will not be possible, I will be glad if you refund money back. Attached to this letter are copies of the transaction receipt, warrant forms for the items bought and a copy of the quotation letter.

I look forward for your amicable resolution to this problem and I will wait until 12th February before looking for help from consumer protection agency or better business bureau. Please contact me by above address or by phone.



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