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Business is an ongoing process which starts from market analysis precede to product development and streamlined with selecting the right distribution channels. Distribution is key section in business process. Without a strong distribution channel no business can proceed well to penetrate its product to the maximum portion of market.   

An overview of distribution channels

There are many distribution channels which provide direct and indirect distribution solutions. The distribution system which is very familiar and commonly used by many distributors is indirect distribution system. Direct distribution system has a problem with it which engages the producer in large number of interaction directly with the consumer. Direct distribution system is an almost unfeasible or a very comprehensive and harder solution to the producers. On the other hand, indirect distribution system distributes the producer’s difficulties as well (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008).    

Channel Levels - direct versus indirect distribution

Both direct and indirect distribution channel have no competition between. One is very easy and the other one is quite hard for a producer. An independent distributor can provide more efficient and cost effective solution than direct. It also diverts the huge systems and procedures from producer to independent or indirect distribution channel. This is the reason that most producers, but, very large number of producers selects indirect distribution solution (Don, & Martha, 2007). 

Conventional, vertical, horizontal and multi-channel marketing:

Questionnaire Survey:

The survey questionnaire is chosen for its cost effectiveness. The telephone questionnaire allows for a sample population to be easily reached with responses documented and easily dissected using data entry and statistical analyzing methods. Because of their widespread use, questionnaires are non-confrontational to the sample population and do not force opinions or options, allowing for accurate and viable responses to be gathered with little bias or influence from the researchers or complicated research equipment.


Advertising is any paid form of no personal presentation of ideas, products, or services by an identified sponsor. Most advertising media are mass media e.g. newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards, etc. Thus rather than transmitting messages to one buyer, most ads communicate to thousands or even millions of buyers: this makes each contact for less expensive than personal sales presentation.  

Sales Promotion:-

Like personal selling and advertising, sales promotion stimulates consumer buying and middlemen’s effectiveness, but with a wide variety of means. Sales promotion tactics are expected to supplement salespeople and advertising to make them more effective. Retail store window displays, product sampling, premium offers, and coupons are all examples of sales promotion.


In contrast to “Advertisement”, “Publicity” may be defined as any “Unpaid” form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services. Personal selling advertising and sales promotional are all direct forms of promotion, whereas publicity is indirect: a firm cannot just go out and buy it. Publicity has been defined as non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service, or business firm by planting commercially significant news about it in communications media. Some publicity about companies and brands is of course not solicited by sellers: indeed, it may even be negative.

Analyze your target market's needs:

The selected target market is home healthcare consumer. First priority of the customers is to have very sophisticated product which may have user friendly features with ultimate solution. The market is now very much technological and has great competition. So that consumer needs are very high by the meaning of technology and revolution in health services (Brent, 2004).

Explain what you know about your target market and what they want from a channel of distribution:

Target market of Tele-health products is very wise has enough information about the products available in the market. Target market of a telehealth product needs utmost perfection in the product and advancement technologically. Telehealth product customers want a high quality service, top quality reliability and quick availability.  So that consumers can use it on a proper time.

Determine which channel members you will use and explain why:

As it is recognized by the time that indirect distribution system is most trusted. So, it is very appropriate to user indirect distribution channels like wholesaler, dealer and retailer. This channel is very cheat than direct distribution channel and already has roots in the consumer market. So, an indirect distribution channel is right solution for a smooth transition of product to the end user.   


Distribution is very essential and most critical part of business. In product development distributors plays very pivotal role. So that it is very important to have a strong, reliable and efficient distribution system to make the process of production going on. And for this indirect distribution system is the best model to achieve success in promoting the products.

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