Deriving UDL Solutions

Goal: Impress upon efficient and effective time management.

Purpose: To optimize time allocation to tasks and maximizing staff output.




Reporting to work.

Senior staff – inconsistent working hours.

Junior staff – inefficient means of transport and lateness.

Clear and defined working hours for all employees.

Appropriate means of transport identified for employees. Close accommodation for employees living far to be facilitated.

Budgets and plans

Senior staff – poor budgetary and planning controls that waste time.

Junior staff – undefined work plans leading to misuse of available time.

Adequate timely budgets and plans.

Staff to adhere to budgets and plans strictly. Deviations from budgets and plans should be authorized and vetted.

Priority tasks

Senior staff – misallocation of resources to time consuming tasks.

Junior staff – misuse of time to unproductive and redundant tasks.

Tasks should be prioritized in accordance with their significance. Resources to be allocated to critical needs and tasks progressively. Priority should be given to tasks accordingly, therefore, saving time.


Senior staff – time wasted in allocating resources and responding to problems.

Junior staff – laxity and idleness while waiting for protocols and procedures to clear.

Inappropriate beaurocratic procedures to be done away with.

Implementation of clear operation procedures saves time. Procedures implemented should not provide for gaps in response time. Hence, averting time wastage.

Incentives and reward.

Senior staff – favoritism and personal relationships being used as reward factors.

Junior staff – unhealthy rivalry and may lead to more time being wasted than optimized.

Incentives and reward to be awarded on the basis of performance and output. Create a healthy competing environment where staff is challenged to optimize performance as individuals and as a group.

Growth and development.

Senior staff – promotions for other reasons than adequate qualifications leads to more time being wasted correcting errors and mistakes.

Junior staff – may feel unappreciated when passed over for promotions leading to go slows and negative attitude towards work.

Staff to take new staff members as trainees. Therefore, training them on optimizing their output Versus time management. Well trained employees maximize time at their disposal.

Promote staff according to their performance and achievements. Provide a learning environment for staff to avoid burn outs.

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