Digital Marketing Success in Supermarket

Digital marketing has come a long way from the simple placement of adverts on websites to the recently developed social media groups that advertise different products and services. The Web 2.0 technologies are slowly but steadily morphing into web 3.0, especially with the continued merging of various digital media including social sites, TV, news blogs, Smartphone and websites. RSS feeds are effectively serving customers who need information on new products. It is now possible to connect to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and this gives more power to the world of digital marketing. This paper explores digital marketing success in a supermarket with the cases study being Uchumi.

Chappuis & Gaffey (2011) indicate that the penetration of online consumers has increased from 32% in 2008 to 50% in 2011. This dramatic increase in the intensity of online shopping is a result of increased use of digital devices and platforms to do shopping. Smartphones and social networks have become important devices in the digital marketing among supermarkets making their sales to increase in two-folds.

Digital marketing at Uchumi supermarket has taken a super toll on the way the supermarket is reaching out to the customers. The supermarket has realized that, with the increasing merger of digital media, they can increase their online visibility to the customers who have come to be known as digital junkies(Parvizi, 2007). These are people, especially the young, who are always online checking out on new products and services. Uchumi supermarket is now reaping from i-consumers that are effectively utilizing various digital tools to find their preferred products.

A number of factors have led to the success of digital marketing for Uchumi supermarket. The first one is the technological advances that are available on the market (Palmer, 2012). For instance, Uchumi is using the search optimization techniques to enhance its visibility on the internet. It is now easier to find a name of an Uchumi supermarket on the internet and view its products and services. There are also digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube that are proving efficient in reaching out to customers. For instance, through YouTube Uchumi supermarket is able to upload a video of the products in store and this information will be available to i-consumers across the world, like those using smartphones to access the internet.

Equally, the transportability of digital devices plays a crucial role in the success of supermarkets in online marketing. For instance, Uchumi supermarket uses delivery of RSS feeds to customers’ accounts irrespective of the platform that the customer is using. If a customer logs on Facebook, they can get RSS feeds from their favorite supermarkets on the new arrivals or discounts if they are subscribed. Similarly, the same information will be available if logged on Twitter (Spector, 2012).

In conclusion, digital marketing has, therefore, been a success.

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