Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation

Part One


Nokia group is a mobile phone manufacturing company based in Finland. Nokia has been in the mobile phone market for more than 10 years. The mobile phone market is crowded and highly competitive that a company like Nokia has to carry out advertising in its market strategy so as to maintain its success. It is a fact that Nokia has succeeded where other big names have failed because of its marketing strategy.

The company uses the phrase “Nokia enable you through technology to know more about life” to carry out advertising campaigns in the target markets.

The advertising message is directed towards a wide market from teenagers, young adults and the older people in European, United States and African markets.

In the target markets like Europe, America and Africa most consumers have expressed loyalty to Nokia mobile phones. Consumers who have had an experience with Nokia phones have continued to recommend it as the best brand in the market. Most of the consumers argue that Nokia cannot be compared to competitors such as Motorola.

It is quite clear that Nokia is well positioned in the crowded mobile phone market. The advertising message of Nokia clearly outlines the role the product plays in changing lives. The message is delivered in every advertisement the company undertakes.

Nokia has been seen both in the print, radio, TV and internet. There is also evidence of outdoor advertising on billboards conveying the Nokia message to the target market.

If I were to change the advertising message of Nokia, I would include a phrase that would state how the product can be trusted because of its long years of experience in the market. This would instill more confidence in the consumers and therefore lead to more loyalty to Nokia products. This would make the process of marketing and advertising very effective to the company.

Advertising in Nokia is an in-house activity whereby the company uses the available human resources to conduct product advertising and development. This is a cost effective way of utilizing resources in the company.

I would suggest that the company should focus on developing its products inline with the changing consumer needs. The products should have the latest features that consumers demand and this should come at affordable prices.

Part Two

A creative team in an advertising agency has a unique way of attaining results in a particular product. The team is driven by consumer behavior in developing the right message that impacts on a wide range of consumers in the target market. Creative team in an advertising agency comprises of a manager and the sales team. The roles performed by all the members of the team are important .This is because all the efforts are geared towards achieving the intended sales targets for the particular product that is under advertisement. With one party failing in its role then it is unlikely for the intended sales targets to be achieved by the advertising agency. Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel (2001).

Managing by reports only is not a good approach to be taken by the manager. This is simply because the manager would not be in a position to understand the reality on the grounds. It is by understanding the consumer behavior at the grounds that a manager is able to come up with better strategies that can be implemented by the sales team. The manager has therefore to carryout some research and physical interactions especially with the members of the team so as to work together in achieving the objectives of advertising for the product.

Personal contact and communication with members of the sales team is advantageous in the sense that it improves the working relations especially between the leader and the members. With a good working relation being established all efforts are put towards attaining the objectives with unity. Kotler and Armstrong (2004).

Contact and communication is also of benefit to the member by virtue of the fact that they gain from each others experiences in advertising. Improvements at individual level can therefore be attained with all the members cooperating just for a common purpose.

It is vital for members of the sales team to be remembering the overall objectives of the organization as they carry out their roles because it keeps them focused on the main agenda of their job. Failing to remember the organizational objectives can result in paying attention to destructors which are likely to interfere with the good course of achieving developments.

By recalling the overall objectives of the organization the members of the sales team are in a position to understand their specific contribution towards the success of the organization. This to some extend is motivational as they feel recognized for their efforts towards attaining the objectives. Mohan, (2005).

The manager can be of great help in instilling the importance of organizational objectives by addressing the need to focus on the objectives during important team meetings. During team building activities, the manager should use the opportunity to emphasize the level to which the organizational objectives have been achieved and how the members stand to benefit. The recognition of the performance of members by the organization is a matter that should be emphasized every now and then by the manager. The manager can also provide role models and available examples of individuals and teams that have excelled in the past and how the organization has rewarded them for their contribution towards the objectives. Trout and Rivkin, (1996).

The sales team must be aware of a number of organizational considerations. First of all it is important for them to realize that the organization depends on their efforts and hard work to realize its dream in the target market. They should also keep in mind that the organization considers them to be a very important asset that needs to be well taken care off for success to be achieved. Therefore the organization is committed towards motivating them as they work towards meeting the objectives of the organization. Kotler and Armstrong (2004).

Part three

I Phone

Executive summary

Apple I phone with its unique brands expects to have an impact in its target market. Apple I phone other than making calls it can perform a multiple of functions that suit the desires of consumers from the target market. The I phone has the potential of storing music, downloading files, watching videos and accessing internet. The I phone is therefore expected to meet the ever changing mobile phone desires of the consumers.

The sales of the Apple I Phone have been on the rise since its introduction and development into the target markets.  Apple I phone anticipates to boost its sales by the end of 2010 by over 30%.

It is clear that the products are in the maturity stage in their product development life cycle.

Sales goals

Apple I phone is set to be the leading in the sales of mobile phones within all its markets.

Apple I Phone anticipates increasing the sale of its products by over 30% each financial year.

Apple I phone has targeted to sell over 8 million handsets each year.

Sales potential

Apple I phone is expected to remain the leading provider of I phones with amazing features in all the markets.

The I phones are expected to be on high demand from consumers in all the target markets.

Sales forecast and assumptions.

It is assumed that the prices of I phones would not be adversely affected by the economic meltdown.

The Apple I phones are expected to outshine the competitors in terms of demand for I phones in the market.

The chart below illustrates the sales forecast of Apple I phone against a competitor.

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