The internet has made it possible for anyone with some knowledge and a few dollars to become a designer, writer or a publisher. Reasons for becoming publishers, designers, and writers have been forgotten due to the haste in doing so. This is evident in poorly designed and written websites. There are various guidelines that one can follow in order to create an effective web presence.

For prospective customers to be captured, a web page should be advertised. Search engines, news groups, and ‘Yellow Page’ listings are some of the advertising means by the web (Burgess, Sellitto, & Karanasios, 2009). URL and email address should also be advertised on promotional materials such as, brochures, catalogues, business cards and newspaper. Several contact methods such as; fax, telephone, email address, and mailing address ought to be included in the webpage. This increases the chances of customers to get more information on services and products offered.

The site in addition, should be informative; information on products or services offered must be provided on the site. Visitors should find it easy to access information on your site. A slow loading page results into impatient visitors, and they end up not accessing your webpage. Fewer graphic, small amounts of texts and small image files on the webpages enhance a faster loading page (Burgess, Sellitto, & Karanasios, 2009).

A webpage that is regularly updated attracts new visitors and maintains existing ones. Stagnant WebPages chase visitors away since no one will be interested to come back. Special offers and new information should e updated on the webpage. Payment and ordering options need to be many and diverse.  These options can include regular mail, fax, telephone and online credit card. Money orders, company and personal checks can also be accepted.

Lastly, patience and persistence on your webpage pays. Success does not occur overnight in web marketing; therefore, giving up too fast is not a brilliant idea. It could take a few months for the webpage to build enough traffic.  However, there are free ways to advertise a webpage as mentioned above.

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