Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

Nowadays, management of many companies use software programs supporting databases to store data. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet has been the main application previously used. However, relational databases like Microsoft Access are being adopted for their reliability and ruggedness.

Microsoft Access is a database program capable of holding more detailed information compared to Microsoft Excel. Information stored in Microsoft Access can be put into large groups and then classified into smaller groups. Furthermore, the data can be broken into many groups with more detailed information. In addition, Microsoft Access can compare data in different formats and analyze it. In contrast, Microsoft Excel poses a hazard of loss of data if the file containing the information is too large. Moreover, the Excel application is not as flexible as the Microsoft Access and this makes use of the former in data analysis difficult.  In Microsoft access, one can query for certain information stored in another location for analysis and this adds to the flexibility of the software. Furthermore, Microsoft Access is able to handle mathematical calculations with more ease. In contrast, Microsoft Excel generates errors with complex mathematical procedures. For a business the size of a company, Microsoft Access is a more appropriate software program for data management.

It is more appropriate to store data in Microsoft access because the application can store large amount of data common in companies, with more consistency and accuracy.  In a working environment, most data has some kind of relationship and Microsoft access is able to analyze this relationship with ease. Furthermore, related data can be classified together in this application. Microsoft access is able to separate details needed about one aspect of the company from large amount of data, most of which is not needed at that particular moment.

Moreover, Microsoft access is user friendly and does not need expertise to obtain needed data. This is critical in a working environment where not everyone is acquainted with computer applications. 

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