EKU's Business Strategy

A business strategy is usually aligned with a business’s mission. EKU’s proposed mission is to provide an atmosphere of creative, innovative, and progressive learning opportunities for students expanding their experiences and knowledge. In order to achieve this, one of EKU’s business strategies is to establish advisory office in every faculty in its five campuses. The role of the advisor office will be to provide advice to business major students. EKU recognizes the importance of providing advice to business major students right from the time they start studying their majors as opposed to providing advice after completion of at least 60 hours of study in the major subject. Business students will be advised to consult advisors in their faculties, where they can discuss their career interests and get assistance on how to select the most appropriate business major subjects as well as register for classes. EKU plan to have this implemented by the end of this year. This strategy will assist EKU to provide quality accredited business programs that will generate educational and experiential opportunities to its students.

For EKU to be able to provide its students with a more creative and innovative learning atmosphere, it will require improving its technological infrastructures. EKU has a business strategy of setting up an IT center in its main campus, which be responsible of providing IT services to all faculties in all EKU’s campuses. The IT center is expected to provide networked IT services to the entire EKU. This will ensure that EKU’s operating environment is technologically up to date. It will also ensure automation of EKU’s operations in all its campuses. This will enable EKU to utilize its interactive TV course capability by offering business courses that are offered in its School of Business to all its regional campuses. This will be a creative and innovative way of passing knowledge to students. It will expand the students’ experiences, thus making them competitive in the market. In addition, the IT center will enable EKU to provide more internet courses at a relatively low price. This will help the institution to attract more students willing to pursue major courses in business information technology.

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