Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

The working atmosphere in an organization is changing rapidly. Now, the companies are thinking about cutting down the cost by increasing the efficiency of labor. So, the managers are very aggressive in the dealings of labor issues. Therefore, increasing productivity of labor is essential for the growth of a company. Such a change in the environment of employment is visible since World War II. Now, this tendency is very strong in every organization. The recent global economic recession also taught the lessons of cutting down cost and improving efficiency.

Today, the companies all over the world are facing threat from foreign companies. Universe is the boundary of a company and the information technology is opening a wide world of opportunity before them. To compete with these multinational firms, the productivity of labor must be excellent. During 1960s and 1970s, the American manufacturing sector faced a serious decline in productivity because these companies failed to compete with its foreign counterparts. So, increasing the efficiency of labor is indispensible for the growth of an organization. Here comes the importance of understanding the organisational behaviour.  

The future of an organization depends on the people who working in it. Employees play a vital role in the growth of an organization. Though efficient and enthusiastic manpower is an asset for any company, recruiting such people may not lead to the success of that organization. To lead a company towards success, it is important to maintain a healthy employment atmosphere within the organization.

The mentality of people working in an organization is very important because he can make or break a company. However, leading a team of workers is very difficult. It needs a good management skill as well. A manager may not be a psychologist but a psychological approach is essential for channelizing the efforts of every employee to deliver his best.

Therefore, it is very interesting to know how people behave in an organization. The behavior of people in an organization will be influenced by the environment. The word environment itself has a wider meaning here because here comes all the elements outside the person. So, observing people is essential to find out his behavioral changes.

The behavior of a person must be positive in an organization otherwise it will lead to low productivity, workplace injury and conflicts within the organization. Hence, maintaining a healthy and peaceful atmosphere is essential for delivering the best.

Opportunities and Challenges in the Modern Economy

The economy has changed a lot from the ancient manufacturing sector to modern service sector. This is the era of information technology and now, the world has constricted in a village. This constriction also brings myriad of opportunities as well. At the same time, the dimension of competition in this modern economy has also changed. Here, there is no specific demarcation for the targeted customers or targeted product. Those who produce high quality product in less cost will succeed in this economy. To reduce the cost of production, companies are manufacturing products where cheap labor is available. Making avail of cheap labor doesn’t mean that the companies are compromising with the efficiency of labor. Just like they produce high quality product in least cost, they also recruit competitive manpower in low wages. All these challenges and opportunities finger the importance of improving the efficiency of labor.

Organizational Behavior    

Organizational behaviour is the systematic and scientific analysis of individuals who are working in an organization. The motive behind this analysis is to understand, predict and improve the performance of the individuals. An employee is not simply doing his duty, instead he is contributing more from his side to the organization.  The performance of an individual may be influenced by various factors which crop up in an organization. The employee may be under the pressure of meeting the targets and quotas or weak leadership may adversely affect his performance. Lack of management support, internal politics, failure of internal communication, long working hours and over workloads, etc are the other influencing factors of the performance of an individual.

Sometimes, the company may not recognise the contributions of employees. This may also affect the efficiency of an individual. Insufficient resources, balancing work and family personal financial problems, etc also contribute its own part to retard the production of an individual.

An efficient manager must be able to analyse, find out and come with a solution for the problems of the employees. It is very important that he must judge the people rightly otherwise his judgement may evoke negative results, which ultimately leads to the breakdown of the organization. A manager may not be a psychologist, but some psychological skills are essential to judge people. Sometimes, an individual may give false information about his behaviour. So, interpret the behavior of an employee by analysing the root cause of the problem. These will help to maintain a healthy atmosphere in an organization.

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