General Motors; Management and Marketing


General Motors Corporation was established in 1908 and currently has its operations in 34 countries world wide. It is one of the largest automobile manufactures in the world and employs over 240,000 people in different parts of the world. The headquarters of general motors is located in Detroit Michigan and offers its products and services in over 140 countries in the world. General motors have a wide range of cars and trucks in market for example Hummer, cardiac, Opel, and Saab, these brands are owned by general motors through its holding in various countries world wide. This company has subsidiary companies in many countries which manufactures and markets its brands (Companies website, 2009, Para. 2).


The General Motors management has a board of directors who manages the organization with the assistance of various committees. The committee system is used to advice the board on various operations of the company in different areas of specialization. This is due to the vast investment of the company in different automobile companies in the world. The board is the top most organs in the organization and is responsible for key decision making in the organization; the major decisions includes change in investment, change in management of various companies, and structural change. The current president who is the company chief executive officer is Mr. Frederick A. Henderson who is assisted by the other 36 board members (General Motors Company Board of Directors, 2009, Para.  4).

 Each board member is in charge of a certain operation in the organization; he or she is in charge of overall operations of that section in the organization. The board member reports all the operations of that section and also gives recommendations on matters affecting the section. The board member is the boss of the section he represents and works together with the company employees in the management of that section.

The board of directors is responsible for appointing the top management of the General motors corporation. The board advises various top managers on what is expected in the management of the subsidiary companies. The board usually holds meeting with the top management to discuss management issues affecting the company’s operations (General Motors Company, 2009 Para. 2).

 The company has the Investment Funds Committee which is made up of not less than three independent members. This committee is responsible for investment decisions and asset management of the organization. It holds meeting with various top management of the general motors company so that they can deliberate on the issues affecting the companies’ investment. This committee acts as the overseer of the company investment in subsidiary companies in the world. It is also responsible for reviewing various investments decisions that have been undertaken by the company.

The general motor has the public policy committee which is responsible for proving public policy guideline to top management of the holding companies. This committee holds various meeting with top managers to discuss the various public policies affecting the company operations in different areas of operations. The public policy committee also gives various recommendations to the top management after analyzing various public policies affecting the company.

General motors have the general compensation committee whose members are appointed by the board of directors. This committee is responsible for giving recommendation on various compensation schemes in the company and recommendations of the succession plan for the company.  This committee gives advice on compensation to be awarded to various members of the organization. It also advices the board on the succession plan of the chief executive officer in the organization.

The board with help of various committees is able to coordinate the operations in different parts of the world. The board is able to direct the top management who are in day to day operations of the company. The top management together with the board is able to make the decisions which affect the functioning of various departments in the organization.


The marketing and communications department is responsible for organizing and coordinating the overall marketing of the general motors brands. This department is responsible for organizing the overall company’s marketing strategy. This department has branches in each country of operation which are responsible for the company brand marketing in their countries of operation.

The general motors company has segmented the market for its product in its marketing strategy. Different products have been developed by the company to suite different market segments. The market has been segmented as the lower and the upper markets. The lower markets products are of reasonably lower prices and the products of the upper market are of high prices and extra comfort.

The marketing department is responsible for organizing marketing operations in the countries of operations but with the advice of the top marketing and communication department of the company. These department plans for the company marketing campaigns that are appropriate for that particular market segment.

The major marketing tool that the general motors have been using is media advertising; this is because it provides a wide coverage and is able to reach many potential customers. The general motors have been using the print media, radio, and television advertising.  The company uses advertising to inform the potential consumers on both the existing and the new products she is introducing in markets. This advertisement may be coordinated world wide or each marketing department may design its own advertisement for its market.

The company also has a very strong sales team which is responsible for marketing the company’s products to the target consumers. This sales team mostly targets the corporate clients where they try to convince them to use their products. This sales team work together with the products dealers in promoting the companies brands. The dealers and the company also have a joint marketing strategy that is responsible in selling the brand to the potential buyer.

The marketing and communication department has also introduced online marketing through the use of internet tools. This has been necessitated by the current global trend of E-marketing. Through the internet the company has been able to keep correspondence with its customers. It has helped the company to keep track with company’s customers and be able to handle any complaints that arises. Through the internet it has developed method such as the search engine marketing and email marketing. This method of marketing has enabled the company to reach the customer at their personal level which has encouraged customer retention ( 2009, Para. 4)

  The company also promotes its brand through the subsidiary companies that have their own independent marketing departments. The subsidiary company comes up with their own marketing campaigns to promote the General Motors products produced through them.

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