Handbook for Writing Proposals

I. Disclaimer
This is a Request for Proposal and is not a guarantee of purchase from any supplier. Karaba Provincial General Hospital reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal partially or in full without providing reasons for the refusal or acceptance. The hospital does not bind itself in accepting the lowest or any bid.
General information
Proposal information
Karaba Provincial General Hospital is a public hospital in Kenya that is committed to providing high quality medical services to the general populace. In our effort to upgrade our services, we would like to inform interested suppliers of X-ray equipment and systems that we wish to procure twenty (20) dental X-ray generators through a competitive tendering process. The procurement is funded jointly by the World Health Organization and the Government of Kenya. The delivery should be made thirty (30) days after the issue of a purchase order.
The proposal should have a requirements: Matrix, that matches the requirements specified in this request with the paragraph and/or page numbers in the proposal where the said requirements are addressed.
The proposal should also contain an Executive Summary that outlines the basic benefits of acquisition of the X-ray generators from the supplier.
The proposal should also have a Technical Volume that demonstrates how the requirements specified in this proposal will be met; and
A Cost Volume, providing for all data on costs, as well timelines for delivery from time of issue of purchase order.
Proposal Format.
The proposal; Should be typed, with a Times New Roman font size or its equivalent
Should have bold headings that are centered to ease reading; and
Should use formal language.
Requester information
Description of requester
Karaba Provincial General Hospital is a non-profit public hospital in Kenya. The hospital has provided health service to the members of general populace since 1968. The hospital has embarked on expansion efforts and wishes to establish one of the largest dental practices in the country. The hospital is authorized to take part in tendering processes under Cap. 21 of The Procurement Act of Kenya (1981) and has participated in numerous processes in this field.
Hardware and software environment
The hospital has previously procured equipment made by different manufacturers of medical- equipment including Progeny, Acteon International, Plan Meca and Durr Medical. Suppliers should ensure that their equipment is compatible with systems from these companies.
Departmental operation
The procurement process is made by the finance department. Any enquiries and correspondence on the issue should be addressed to the department.
Function Specification
Application to purchase under considerations
Any firm that applies to make the supply:
Should be able to supply the equipment that match the description provided below,
Should have made supplies of a similar magnitude; and
Should be legally authorized to take part in public tendering processes.
Functional requirements
The X-ray generator Sensor cabling should be designed in order to connect into its custom receptacle.
Should have a techniques display that is large and easy to read
 Should have icons that are easy to understand
Should have sensor selection features
Should emit rays with a large wavelength and thus provide pictures that have a characteristic widespread grey scale and consequently have for better anatomical detail distinction.
Technical requirements.
The X-ray generator;
Should have a single-phase rectifier tube
Should be able to generate voltage of up to 70kV
Should have adjustable voltage rates at kVp 55, 60, 65,and 70.
Should have a focal spot of 0.44 mm
Should have an mA that is Adjustable at 4, 5, 6 ,7 and 8
Should have a time selection that ranges from 10 milliseconds to 2 seconds
Should have a timer that is programmed to be used with films of types “D”, “E” or “F”
V. Vendor profile
A. Information requested from vendors
Interested suppliers should send us a reply that contains a basic corporate history and information on the firm, basic information on the financial position of the firm that is in the public domain, a statement on the firm’s technical capacity to deliver the procurement and at least two (2) customer references.
System cost and financing arrangement
Interested suppliers should provide due information on the cost of the machinery and include any taxes charged thereupon as well as any additional costs including shipping costs for firms outside the country. The prices should remain constant for a period one hundred and twenty (120) days. The firm should also specify their preferred mode of payment.

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