Hewlett-Packard Corporation

Hewlett-Packard Corporation, which is generally known as HP is a leading provider of all products, such as software, technologies, solutions, and services related to Information technology. Hewlett-Packard is American born company which came into existence in the year 1947 with headquarter situated in Palo Alto, California, United States. Their diverse range of products and services provide ultimate stop to all small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large establishments; play vital role in education and medical sectors as well as facilitating customers in government bureaus. The company gets strong hold in the development and creating of computing, data storage and networking hardware, software design, and provision of services. Major product lines include personal computing equipment, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a variety of printers and other imaging products (Rashid, M & Javed, 2012).

According to concerned article, the HP presents the all time innovative theory, which is based on the three ‘Rs’ that indicates towards ‘Reduce’, ’Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’. HP held the 11th position in fortune list of 2006 that is comprised of giant American corporations who carry out operations through substantial manner on global scale. The packaging of engineer of HP Jill Wollam and new planners of HP’s LaserJet supplies presented the incredible approach of how organizations can reduce their cost and achieve other aspects through evolutionary methods.


In compliance with attached editorial, Wollam an experienced member of the team, working over the packaging of HP’s printing cartridges, claimed that the new precise packaging will definitely reduce the cost spent on the required material by almost 15 million pounds per year giving valuable impacts in terms of reusing and recycling (Reduce, Re-Use and Recylce 2012). The vision of sustainable plans is to reduce the influences of the package manufacturing on the society and environment  beginning from raw material extraction to processing, conversion, and transmission, . For instance, HP LaserJet toner packaging 45%, and reduces the weight of the overall packaging of the toner of 30% the number of packets, each of the tray. Fewer trucks mean less carbon dioxide emissions co2. HP quantity of the materials used in these packages is also reduced. This decreases the total extract, processing, and conversion.


In the light of providing content, HP considers the impact on the environment, including redesigned reuse in the packaging of the ink and toner cartridge. The Wollam provided an interesting point of view, in the context of sustainable development, in the long-term re-use. The term reuse means the possible case, the recovered content. Reuse also represents that the design of the packaging can have a secondary use. HP's new LaserJet toner cartridges (portrait) are significantly smaller, use less material to replace the box and can be reused as containers to transport empty cartridges to HP.


According to the article, a package that contains mixed material can cause negative consequences onto the steam of recycling. The HP environment- marketing manager Jean Gingras stated, “We make every effort to pure packet substance - a type of plastic or some form of cardboard. The long-term goal is to ensure that more and more high-quality post-consumer and industrial raw materials go back to the system”. The created package can be recycled: one of the reasons to persuade customers, business companies,  and towns for recycling is the first priority. To this end, HP has developed programs to make both cost-effective and easy-to-manage recovery of its printing products and packaging for recycling.

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