Human Resource Department

Costco Wholesale Company

Costco Wholesale Company is a leading manufacturer, designer and distributer of beverages in the United States of America. It deals in electronics of various brands: lap tops, desk tops, printers, copiers and mobile phones and their accessories. All these are manufactured at its head quarters in Ohio and supplied to all the other branches across the country. The following are the major objectives of this company:

  1. To satisfy the diverse needs of clients;
  2. To serve a wider market;
  3. To have a pool of highly motivated staff;
  4. To be the most innovative company in the market and
  5. To expand beyond USA and merge with other similar companies to grow to a multinational level.

Costco Wholesale Company Organization Chart

                                                           Board of Directors                             

                                                           Managing Director


                                                       Human Resource Director


                                                    Assistant Human Resource Director

                                                       Human Resource Accountant

                                                          Human Resource Lawyer


Job Description in the Human Resource Department (HRM)

In Costco Wholesale Company, HRD is one of the major established departments performing a very important role in this company. Just like other departments, it has a hierarchical structure composed of the following positions:

1. Human Resource Director

This is the senior most officers in this department. He is directly answerable to the Managing Director. He is the overall supervisor of all the activities in this department. He ensures that that the welfare of all the employees is safeguarded. This may not only be limited to his department, but extended to the general work force in the entire organization. This position is open to anyone. It is acquired on merit. For one to qualify for it, one must have at least a Masters degree in HRM with a good communication skills and an experience of over ten years. He earns a monthly package of $. 7,000

2. Assistant Human Resource Director

This is the second top most position in this department. The HRM Director is an official assistant of the HRM Director and is directly answerable to him. A part from discharging his tasks, he can perform any other delegated duty by his boss (Merkle, J. A., 2009). For one to qualify for this position, one must have at least a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management or any other related field. At the same time, one must have served in the same position for at least five years in such a busy organization. His monthly package is $. 5,000.

3. HRM Accountant

This is the principle financial officer in this department. He is concerned with money matters and prepares ledgers, balance sheets and employee payrolls for all the workers in the HRM department. This job needs a highly experienced professional with a minimum of Bachelors degree in Accounting (Finance and Banking). He earns a monthly salary of $. 3,000.

4. HRM Legal Officer

This is law expert whose major ole is to work with the company secretary in discharging legal issues affecting the department. Since HRM exclusively deals with laborers, it is essential to have such a professional to address the legal issues affecting respective employees (Ulrich, D., 2006). This must be a holder of at least a Masters degree in Business Law with an experience of five years of law practice. This officer earns $. 3,000 a month.

5. Subordinates

This is the most junior class of workers in this department. They essentially offer support services to the senior and junior officers in the HRM department. These includes both the skilled and semi-skilled workers performing a variety of duties like serving tea and offering cleaning services to each of the departmental offices. They are only paid an average of $ 1,000 per month.

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