Human Resources Culmination Presentation Human Resources Culmination Presentation

There are several things that I have learnt, among them include leadership. For instance, I learnt about leadership styles, description of the leadership styles, advantages of leadership styles as well as some of the disadvantages that are associated with various leadership styles. Apart from leadership, I also had the chance to learn about health care policy as well as procedure development. In addition, I was able to learn some of the duties as well as responsibilities of licensed practical nurse.

I learnt that the major functions of Licensed Practical Nurse entails assisting physicians as well as other registered nurses in taking care of patients. I also learnt that other duties of licensed practical nurses entails ensuring that patients’ health are monitored besides making sure that primary nursing care is administered. Additionally, I learnt other duties of licensed practical nurse entail understanding patients and providing them with comfort. They also ensure that patients share their health problems with them. I also learnt that licensed practical nurse reports the status of patients to physicians. I also learnt that licensed practical nurses keep the health records of patients.

Leadership is another major area that I leant. I leant the definition of leadership as well as its elements. I learnt that through effective leadership, organizations are capable of enabling organizations to achieve their goals and ensuring that they meet or exceed the needs and requirements of their clients. I learnt that effective leaders are capable of making their followers’ level of confidence to increase by acting having sociable behaviors. Managing team workers involves employing certain leadership styles. When leaders adopt the right leadership style, I learnt that performances of organizations improve. Besides, the productivity of organizations increases. Leadership also influences environment as well as the employees of organizations.

One type of leadership that I learnt is paternalistic leadership. I learnt that this leadership style that is mainly associated with the Chinese. I also learnt that paternalistic leadership in a number of cases practiced in societies following contextual styles. Generally, hierarchical organizations are the ones that follow contextual leadership style (Francesco & Gold, 2005). I also learnt that there is a big difference between employees and leaders when organizations employ paternalistic leadership. On the contrary, I learnt that a number of paternalistic leaders view collectivism to be very critical for organizations.

I learnt that there are three dimensions of paternalistic leadership: benevolent, authoritarian, as well as moral leadership. Authoritarian leadership makes the leader to be the sole decision maker. It always makes workers to be uneasy when working. I learnt some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of paternalistic leadership. In some cases, it is not preferred because the leader will always see its employees to be less competent. Conversely, a number of people are for paternalistic leadership since they claim that it enables the leader to nurture their team members. 

Other that these, I also learnt about health care policies and procedure development. In particular, I leant that there is a growing concern pertaining to the application of mobile phones by the nurses within healthcare facilities.

I learnt that there are a number of security measures that should be put into place by organizations to make ensure that privacy of patients are not interfered with. Due to this, nursing homes should take into consideration the development as well as implementation of policies that to ensure that privacy of patients is enhanced.

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