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Ideal copy and print is an established shop whose purpose is to provide quality and reliable print solutions that exceed the expectations of the customers.  These expectations are met thought he offering printing, binding, copying and lamination services. Ideal copy and print shop also aims at providing the staff with a positive work environment that will enhance individual and team growth and satisfaction. Ultimately, the organization aims at being one of the best copy and print shop locally and in the regionally.    

Tasks to be done to accomplish the mission

Tafoya (2010, p. 25) has argued that that member of given organization perform various roles in order to attain the objectives of the firm. For Ideal copy and print shop to meet the above objectives, the firms has to engage in executing some tasks which will provide a mean of meeting its purpose.  The tasks outlines below are necessary to be executed in order for the above organization mission to be achieved.  The tasks to be carried out in Ideal copy and print shop are:-

i) Copying: Ideal copy and print shop will offer copying services that will entail copying of material both color and, black and white to its clients. A supervisor will be tasked to oversee this role.

ii) Printing.  The organization shall task itself with the printing of orders from its clients. These orders will range from various materials such as books, envelopes, photos, banners, advertisement among others.

iii) Marketing:  This is one the primary task that will be done within Ideal copy and print shop. In the organization, marketing will be achieved through a number of activities that will be aimed at realizing that Ideal copy and print sell its services to the customers. As confirmed by Lamb, Hair and McDaniel (2007, p. 39), an organization must have a number marketing objectives that are aimed attaining the objectives. This will be the case of Ideal copy and print shop.

iv) Quality control.  For Ideal copy and print shop to satisfy its clients, the organization must ensure that quality of service is ensured within its operations. A Quality office will be tasked with overseeing that quality is ensured within the firm’s processes. Mukherjee (2006, p. 26) believes that quality of service is essential in meeting set standards in organizations work processes.

v) Purchases: This is one of the critical tasks that must be undertaken within Ideal copy and print.  Purchasing must be in order to ensure that Ideal print and copy has the appropriate materials in store so as to ensure that their operations are uninterrupted. 

vi) Distribution.  Ideal copy and print must be able to copy or print materials and deliver them to clients particular those who have no time. This service will also provide a means of distinguishing the organization firms from its competitors.  Distribution service has been seen as fundamental in ensuring that organization extend their service a wide range of clients (Rushton, Croucher & Baker, 2006, p. 9).

vii) Staffing: In any given organization, the role of staff of cannot be underestimated since it is through them that an organization meets is business goals. Staffing will be one of the tasks carried out by Ideal copy and print shop in order that employees with necessary skills and experience are hired (Daft, 2007, p. 88)

viii) Budgeting and control of information systems. To ensure that Ideal copy and print shop works towards attaining its mission, the firm has to be preparing appropriate budget to streamline its financial allocation. At the same time, appropriate information systems have to be put in place to allow the firm operates more efficiently and at reduced costs.

The above tasks will form describe the activities that Ideal copy and Print shop will undertake in order to accomplish its objectives. These tasks give us an organization structure that is depicted below.  

Organizational chart

Expansion and its challenges

While it may be necessary for Ideal copy and print to expand its operations into other regions, operation in two locations can a challenging task that requires appropriate planning beforehand. Most of the challenges experienced in running the copy and print operation rest on the differences that exist in the two locations (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006, P. 170).  Some of the issues faced in running the operations of copy and print includes

a)  Management issue:  in running its operations in two locations, Ideal copy and print shop is likely to face issues that touch on how the processes of the organization are managed. This issue will arise due to the challenge of the overseeing that the two locations are managed well.4

b) Financial issues. There is a likelihood that financial issues will arise particularly with the needs of the two locations differing from one another.

c) Difference in marketing needs: This issue will jeopardize the marketing efforts of the organization. It is very likely that similar marketing strategies will not work for both locations.

d) The staffing needs of the two locations differ and this will create an issue that will pose a challenge to the human resource management.

As a result of the issues that are outline above, there is need to mirror the some of the structure in the first location in the second location so as to allow each person to take on a role in one of the location. Taking the two locations to be East or West, the organization chart below presents an improved structure of how the two locations should be organized.

Operation of business in different states

Often business organization grows and expands into other regions where they aim at selling their products or services. Given that Ideal copy and print has grown into five states, there are several issues that have come up due to the complexity of coordinating the organization and controlling it. These challenges have come up due to the increase in the number customers to be served and differences in environmental conditions. With two cities to be taken care off, there is need to arrive at strategies that will allow for proper running of business operation. This will ensure that one keeps in touch with all the offices in two cities. To do so, it is necessary to create the position of a regional manager whose function will be to oversee each region (Carter, Ulrich & Goldsmith, 2005, p. 284). Creating a culture that promotes communication and openness between the management is vital in ensuring that the organization runs well. Lehman (2007, p.94) confirms that a culture where workers communicate openly is critical in promoting a closely knit organization. For this reason, Ideal copy and print should inculcate such a culture in its workforce.  Such positions will ensure that the whole organization runs as a complete unit that is well coordinated.

As a way of addressing the challenges, there is need of restructuring the organization so as to factor in the new changes aimed at improving efficiency, control and coordination.  

The above organizational chart has the two cities having the general manager who are in charge of the various locations in the cities. This allows to effective control and coordination at the city level. The general managers at the city level are then answerable to the general manager. With the location in the city being under the general manager who handles their own cities, it is easier to control the operations of Ideal copy and print shops which may have different demands or needs differing from one city to another. Additionally, it is easy to address collectively handle the operation at the city level since planning and movement of both resources is much easier.  

Organization of Ideal copy and print with 75 locations

With ideal copy and print expanding into 75 new locations in the United States, new challenges will inevitably crop up within the organization as a result of the expansion of the organization. With several locations of business, coordinating and controlling the operation can ineffective if there are no structure that allow for efficiency and time management. At the same time, some positions may be overwhelmed by the requirements to be met. As a result, it will be necessary for the organization to restructure itself so as to allow more efficient structures that reflect the growing needs of its client.

In the organization structure below, there are some positions that have been included into the structure so as to allow for efficacy in controlling and directing.  In the previous structure, the whole organization was headed by the managing director who now has an assistant manager to who is over regional managers. This new structure assumes that the whole of United States is segmented into sizeable regions where the cities of operation are found. Over each region, the organization has a regional manager who is over the general manager of the city. Given that retaining and attracting customers is one of the primary aims of a business organization, the quality distribution and quality manager will overseer that this is achieved. Customer satisfaction is always indicated by survey that evaluates how the customers rate the services of the organization (Alexander & Hill, 2006, p.204) such information must be relayed in the organization in a more efficient manner.

This can be done through an information management system that will facilitate improved interaction between the customers and the quality managers. The quality manager must of also enforce quality of service standards and continually monitor how clients respond to their products.

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