Assessment is vital process in the management of activities of any organization. Assessment guarantees maximum utilization of resources (capital and labor) and achievement of the institutions’ mission and vision through quality production. The exercise should therefore be conducted by professionals to ensure reliability and validity. Any deviation (inconsistency in assessment) will cripple smooth running of activities (Gawronski & Strack, 2012). It may lead to eating into the benefits of any institution since more energy, time and resources are diverted to bring it back to its feet. Majorly, some of the vital principles, like fairness and accuracy, are compromised.

Inconsistency in assessment is caused by several factors. Fatigue is common and natural to anyone who engages in a strenuous activity. The assessor should monitor only that which is manageable at a specific moment. This avoids rush and provides an opportunity for maximum concentration. Motivation should be undertaken by honoring the best assessors through promotions or presentation of gifts. They are therefore rejuvenated to put more efforts and improve for better results. In selecting of assessors, they should be individuals who have passion for their work and are willing to perform under minimal supervision (Lecky, 1961). Division of labor and specialization facilitates efficiency of work and quality services. The assessor will find it easier to deal with a specialist at one stage of production. In case of multi-integrated activities, the number of assessors should be increased to ensure that no inconsistency is experienced.

“Everybody’s work is nobody’s work”. Therefore, each department must be assigned to an assessor who will be responsible and willing to account for any results. This will help to avoid a situation whereby the assessors overlook some activities assuming that someone else will take care of them. There must be a constitution with laid down laws and provisions to be adhered to. The code of ethics must be followed to the letter.  

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