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M&Ms, Milky Way, Mars, Snickers, Twix and Bounty are one of the rapidly growing food companies. Nevertheless, they are one of the world’s leading with the petcare and confectionery items. The company is guided by five principles that enable them to meet their objectives. The main objective of the company is to make profit from the minimum resource they use to produce the large output. In order for the company to have a competitive advantage they ensure, they produce quality products so that they can reach target market in the society.

The progress of the company has been boosted by good employees’ teamwork. The manager has encouraged the employees to work together by creating teams among the employees which facilitate them to identify other employees that they can work with on developments. Through this, the manager has been able to assess each employee to see what strength they have so that he can put them together as a team with different strengths to produce a strong and innovative work group. The manager has also given them a project that they do as a team. This has created a good conducive employees working environment, which has ensured the continuity of the business. The manager has also ensured a good teamwork by offering guidance to each individual team in the company who are conducting a project.

In addition to this, the manager facilitates teamwork by making sure the employees are able to communicate effectively by teaching and reminding them on good communication skills. For example, every employee should have freedom of speech. The manager has also promoted teamwork by making sure the employees are able to solve their problems by teaching them on the best practises. The manager has motivated the employees by treating them fairly, satisfying employees’ needs, positive reinforcement, high expectations, effective discipline and punishment, setting work related goals, rewarding them basing on the job performance and restructuring of jobs.

Employees help the customers in many ways such as producing high quality products the customers want in time. Good relationship between the customers and the employees may increase the number of sale and, as a result, increase the company income. The customers feel very motivated when they see that all their issues are catered for. A good relationship between these two parties ensures their needs are looked into in that they can directly say their problems. When the customers raise their problem to the employee, he hands in to the manager who comes up with a comprehensive conclusion.

The customers appear motivated very much when their needs are catered for resulting to the increase of the company income. As a customer, I feel motivated and appreciated, because the company has ensured the user requirements are available. The attitude the employees have with the customer motivates customers. A customer wanting a special service in the company is catered for; the issue is taken to the decision-makers who determine whether it is possible or not. Once the decision is met, the customer is able to get a feedback (Vaughn, 2009).

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