Keystone Steel and Wire Company Permanent Variance

Keystone Steel and Wire Company is a factory which manufactures steel. It operates a melt plant, where scrap steel is melted into molten steel for further processing. During the melting process, emissions containing Lead and Arsenic traces are formed. In a measure to protect its employees, it took the necessary measures as stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. It then applied for a permanent variance. The variance addresses the issue of lead and arsenic emissions from the melting plant (Michaels, 2010).

OSHA standards

For the company to be granted the permanent variance, it had to comply with a set of housekeeping standards. One of them was to install exhaust ventilators on the furnaces and the hood of the melt shop to capture the emissions. Another area that required checking was the cleaning process of the plant. The company adopted the use of equipment such as air compressors, crane-motor enclosures, vacuum hoses, electric outlets, extension codes in the cleaning process and a vacuum truck (Michaels, 2010). This ensured the safety of the cleaners was protected. An inspection determining the effectiveness of the equipment was done to verify their performance. They also launched and implemented a safety at job initiative to enlighten the affected employees. The company also had to set aside breathing zones. The zones were to be sampled for traces of any emissions. A respiratory protection program was also implemented. Biological monitoring of the employees after a cleaning process was also part of the measures taken by the company to obtain the permanent variance (Michaels, 2010).

Grant of the permanent variance

The variance was issued to the company bit it applied on the melting plant only. For it to be effective, cleaning must be done using compressed air and vacuum containment systems. In the grant, OSHA directed the company to keep up to date details of the records as stipulate din the grant and make them available at any given time.

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