Rigidity in business is one of factors that have made numerous businesses fail over time. To be able to survive  in the competitive business world, a business has to move with the current trends and adopt measures that will enable it survive the challenges that crop up each dawn of a new day in the business world. The benefits of looking forward are outlined in the following discussion.

Benefits of looking forward in business

According to Stuart (1997), looking ahead in this world of business is a very vital survival factor for many businesses. This comes along with a number of benefits. Looking ahead allows one to predict the challenges that one would have in future and find ways to deal with these challenges.

Looking ahead also allows for persons with a critical mind to know the consumer demand and consumption trends and tailor their goods to suit these demands. There is no doubt that customers are the key forces that keep a business in existence. If the customer tastes, demands and preferences change and the business does not change in line with these new trends, it becomes highly unlikely that the business will survive for long in the future.

Competition is also easily identified if the business owner takes a look into the future. Identification of the competition allows the business owner to structure his business in such a way which will allow him or her to leave the space for counter measures.


There are numerous advantages of being prepared for the future. If one is capable of preparing for the future, he or she has the competitive advantage over the others who doesn’t have this capacity or ignores this necessity. For purposes of survival of businesses in the future, the business owners must be capable of “looking into the future” of their businesses.

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