Leadership can be perceived as the ability of influencing others to follow somebody’s abilities willingly. Every level of organization requires leaders who can be natured. When we look at management, it is a process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of an organization resources and members to achieve its set goals and objectives.

When people open a home page of any organization, they are motivated to continue browsing through. The first impression they get is from an organization’s home page. In this case, I have decided to look at the home page of IOM (International Organization for Migration).

In the IOM web home page, understanding of the realties and the directions of the IOM are shown. So, through leadership, most possible paths of this organization have been made clear for easy understanding by it users. It shows that the home page poses good communication skills the user can communicate and use all the aspects in the home page to get information he or she requires. It comprises the vision of the entire organization activities, leaders and other important aspects. The home page itself has been organized in such a way that it is able to influence any user to dig deeper in the organization’s information willingly. This is because all the information you need to know about the IOM has been given the first priority (Schein, 1985).

It portrays a management and organizational culture this is achieved through the communication networks. All the components of the organization through the way they relate is a criteria which have been used by managers and those who designed this home page to capture the user’s interest The home page has the ability to motivate its users to use it to know more on the organization. Leadership has been enhanced through the use of different tools to come up with an appealing home page that shows all the organization’s tasks.

The IOM home page has been planned in such a way that it ensures that every piece of information a user is searching about the organization is readily available without struggle. The organization of all the components, which is the vision, contacts leaders of the organization that have been included in the home page. And, finally, the home page is able to lead and control a user through his/her search on issues about the organization. That is, it is honest to its users that the information it portrays in the home page leads to broader areas and more emphasized information about the organization. That is, it is not misleading. Through this, I see this home page in a position to holding the key qualities of leadership so as to influence a user, in this case to have the urge of trying to know more about the organization.

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