Market Segmentation for the Ipad Mini

The Ipad Mini is one of the amazing technological wonders of the 21st century. The Ipad Mini has gained its popularity not only in America but also worldwide. It comes along with many capabilities in terms of processing abilities and faster access to internet among other advantages. Recently there was the launch of the fourth generation mini Ipad in the market with a highly improved A6X processor, barely less than a year after the Apple corporation introduced the third generation Ipad into the market. This was made in an effort to curtail the copying of the Apple products by other world producers in the tablet market. The market segmentation of the Ipad market is clear and can be divided into these segments that are elucidated below.
1.      Price Sensitive Segment
This is the single largest market for the tablets in America today. Many people in America today are sensitive to the price of the Ipad Mini. This is a huge potential market for the Apple corporation, especially for the future long term demand for the Mini Ipad in the United States of America. Owing to the existence of the various brands of tablets in the market today, Apple mini tablet faces stiff competition from other tablet makers in the world, especially from the East Asia. Many people are very sensitive to prices of the tablets. The tablet market is a market with many sellers and buyers and thus prices of tablets are determined by forces of demand and supply.
2.      Brand Sensitive Market
The analysts have singled out this segment as the second largest source of demand for the tablet. The producers of Apple Ipad do leverage on the quality of the  manufactured product. The fourth generation Ipad mini has A6X processor that has enhanced processing capabilities. Also, it can focus on the education sector to provide a reliable source of huge market for its products. The argument here is that this market would prefer a strong brand rather than opt for cheap tablet with relatively poor performance and short product life cycle (Anderson). The Apple company can be given credit for being a high quality producer of the tablet - the Ipad mini that is largely seen as a quality brand bound to win the trust of the brand sensitive consumers.
3.      Secondary Buyers Segment
This market consists of the people who already have a tablet at their disposal but would like a better, more improved version of the tablet. This is also a potential market for the Ipad mini. It should be noted that this is not an emerging market but it is a potential market, especially in the United States. Many owners of the tablets would prefer to acquire a mini Ipad because of its improved features. For instance, it has an efficient and faster 4G internet connectivity, as compared to the earlier versions of the majority of the tablets produced by the Apple corporation itself as well as the other producers of the tablet around the globe.
4.      Replacement Tablet Buyers
In the new product development concept, this group of people is called the early innovators. They are uaually the exposed people who are conversant with the recent development in the scientific world. They are ever interested by the emerging technologies. These people unfortunately make up only 13% of those people who buy a new product; in the case of the Ipad mini tablet these are the people who dispose off the tablets that they were having initially and opt to buy this new idea/product. These people are very important to the Apple corporation because they consume the product and give an immediate feedback to the organization for further improvement of the tablet before the next group of consumers gets to know and appreciate the product.

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