Marketing Objectives for ASUS Eee PC "Disney Netpal"


Asus Eee PC is a world renowned computer manufacturer with its roots in Taiwan. It has mainly been in the components manufacturing for close to two decades. It has however diversified its production activity into motherboards and notebooks production hence gaining a sizeable market share in the international market. It is with this respect that I am planning to introduce a raft of marketing measures to raise the market share of our products.

Market share of Asus in the laptop and the netbooks market

Asus current market share as of the 1st quarter of 2008 in the laptop market was 4.3% (Notebook computer market share, 2008). This was a giant reap for a company making its first forays in the international market. The penetration in the market was driven by aggressive marketing and innovative designs it has recently embarked on. In the netbooks market, Asus enjoys a market share of 30.3% lie only second behind Acer as Elliott (2008) reports. Asus has been riding mainly on their capability to churn out new brands of netbooks on almost weekly basis giving it a strong head start in the market.

ASUS intended market share for the kid’s netbook (DISNEY NETPAL)

The Disney Netpal is intended to curve out a market share of 9.5% in the international market. The notebook was intended for the children between the ages of 6-12 years. The inbuilt features and the exterior design are expected to capture a sizeable market in the children market segment. The acceptability of the product has been enhanced by integration of parental controls which is expected to endear it among parents (Disney and ASUS Launch Netbook with Disney User Interface (Netpal) (2009). This market segment is big and largely untapped and this is what Asus is banking on to increase its sales volumes.

Strategies to achieve the market share

Product trials

Several product trials will be used to introduce the product in the market. A number of the Disney Netpal netbooks will be taken to elementary schools so as let the children have an experience of the product. Demonstration on the use and guidance shall be conducted by our personnel to increase effectiveness of this approach. This is expected to drive up interest among the children. As part of the marketing effort we will also run “Win a netpal competition” in schools whereby the winners will be rewarded with free Disney netpal netbooks

Advertising using Disney characters

These characters will be integrated in the display so as to increase the appeal among children. The netbooks for example uses princess pink and Mickey Mouse characters which are expected to make it popular with both young boys and girls alike as Dumitru-Steffens (2009) notes. We are also going to endorse celebrities to market our product so as to catch the attention of the young children which is expected to buoy up sales volumes. All this is expected to make the netbooks more children friendly as Woyke (2009) comments.

Media advertisement

To further introduce the brand and popularize it in the market, we are going to embark on aggressive media advertisement using both the print media and broad cast media which have the advantage of reaching a larger population size. In the print media we will lay particular emphasis on the children magazines. We will also employ internet by posting advertisements on websites and also through social networking sites that are gaining popularity with many people around the globe. This is especially going to be much easier with the availability of the Disney channel on the cable television which will help us cut the cost of television as a result of our joint partnership.

Promotional timing

The advertisements on the Disney channel will be scheduled between three to six p.m after children come home from school and since most cartoon programs run at that time. This is expected to increase the probability of the children capturing the advertisements. The product trials will be conducted during school sessions where students are going to receive guidance on how to use them. The competitions are going to be done during holidays so as to enhance participation by the children and to reach as many as possible.

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